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Spring Tours by Firebird

If spring is your favorite time to travel, we recommend you choose from the hand-picked destinations. Beautiful sceneries, blooming flowers, mild weather, just choose from the list and pack your bags! Plus, generally, there are far fewer tourists traveling from March to May, therefore, you can surely take advantage of better availability, more choices, and no crowds.

Best Spring Tours by Firebird

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Spring Vacation Packages

Spring is a magical time when the world around us awakes, presenting a beautiful opportunity to enjoy spring tours. Blooming cities, breathtaking sightseeing programs, scenic landscapes, and mild weather create a perfect opportunity to set off on a spring vacation. Browse our vibrant collection of the best spring tour packages featuring various destinations that will definitely catch your eye. Pick the one that suits you best and our travel specialists will arrange everything the way you want it. All Firebird programs include the most remarkable sites, central accommodations, fast connections, and private transfers saving you from unnecessary worries.

Spring Tours Highlights

  • Visit to the oldest open-air Rialto market in Venice
  • Wine tastings
  • Magnificent fjords boat trips
  • Journey on the scenic Flamsbana Railway
  • Guided tours to Colosseum and Vatican City
  • Discovering the breathtaking Douro Valley Wine Region
  • Tours around the most stunning European cities including Venice, Paris, Amsterdam and many others

Tips for Traveling in Spring

  • If you choose Scandinavia, bring a water-resistant jacket, umbrella, and some warm clothes
  • Don't forget to pack comfortable walking shoes as you'll spend many hours exploring major sights on foot.
  • If you choose Trans-Siberian tour, bring a few hundred dollars with you as trains do not have ATM machines
  • Always check the national currency of the country you go to. You can find the detailed tips on this topic under the section "What to Know" on the tour page


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