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Discover Theater Tours Programs

If you always had a sweet spot for all things theater-related, then we have something extra special for you!

We have collaborated with Maggie Reberg from WFMT radio and designed several unique tours that'll ignite your theatrical passion even more.

You will get an exclusive tour of Vienna Opera House, Austria; the Royal Danish Opera House, Denmark; and the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, Russia, among many more unforgettable world-class European opera houses and theaters. All you need to do now is decide which part of Europe would you like to discover more.

Is it the Scandinavian countries that spark your interest? Or Russia? Maybe Italy or Central European countries? Choose your direction and set off on a dramatic adventure of your own!

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Theater Vacation Packages

Enjoy the worldwide famous European theaters in Vienna, Moscow, Paris, London, Milan, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. Explore world-class opera houses that will capture your heart with their culture, quality, and attractiveness. Book a private or small group tour to South Korea with us. Our theater vacations are planned by knowledgeable destination experts and contain centrally located hotels, smooth logistics, and English-speaking guides. Ready for your theater tour full of elegance? For more inspiration, read theater tour highlights and travel tips below.

Theater Tour Highlights

  • Evening shows at Copenhagen and Stockholm Opera Houses
  • Evening Performance at Vienna State Opera
  • Group Tour of the State Opera
  • Concert at Mirabell Palace
  • Mozart Tour in Salzburg
  • Private Tour of Bavarian State Opera
  • Exciting tours of the London, Paris, and Milan Opera Houses
  • Attending inspiring performances at the London and Milan Opera Houses
  • Enjoy performances at top Russian venues, including the Bolshoi Theater, Mariinsky Concert Hall, and Mariinsky Theater

Tips for Theater Travel

  • Scandinavian, Russian, and British climate is unpredictable and weather can be quite harsh even during summers. Bringing a water-resistant jacket, umbrella, and some warm clothes is a must
  • Think carefully about your theater snacks. To hear the crunching of crisps might annoy other audience members
  • It's impolite to speak during the opera or theater performance. And don't forget to turn your phone off
  • Most communication equipment takes 230 volts, you will need an adapter plug (type E) to make your plug fit into the socket
  • Make sure to pack comfortable shoes. A sightseeing tour might require a lot of walking
  • To avoid currency exchange fees, we suggest exchanging currency in your personal bank prior to the trip

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