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Joining a group of travelers for a trip abroad is a wonderful opportunity not only to explore new destinations but also to get acquainted with people of like minds and make new friends. Such programs are designed for touring in larger groups on train journeys. As always, regardless of the group size, we take care of all the hard planning for you, provide private airport transfers, sightseeing tours with professional guides, as well as the top accommodation options that are available.
Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience while traveling across entire Russia, Mongolia and China with your Trans-Siberian tour, as Trans-Siberian trips on branded trains offer a good level of comfort. Browse our select tours and embark on your memorable journey with a private Trans-Siberian train as well as on great branded European tourist trains, serving as your home base as you explore Europe and Asia.

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Tourist Trains Trip Packages

It goes without saying that taking a train is one of the smartest options to explore a new destination. On your way, you can take advantage of the exceptional onboard service and enjoy the wonderful sceneries passing by the outside of the window. On this page, we collected some of the best tourist train packages covering various popular travel spots and their top attractions. Regardless of the tour you choose, in addition to legendary adventure, you can count on fast travel times, private airport pick-ups, remarkable hotels, and a saturated sightseeing program allowing you to take in the charm of the selected region to the fullest!

Tourist Trains Tour Highlights

  • Performance of traditional folk arts
  • Lake Baikal
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Visit to the Kremlin
  • Vladivostok city tour
  • Tour of Terracotta Warriors
  • Gobi Desert Camel Ride
  • Turpan City Tour

Tips for Tourist Trains Travel

  • The majority of trains doesn't have ATM machines onboard, so you should withdraw some cash in advance
  • Weather in Eurasia can be quite changeable. Thus don't forget to pack some warm waterproof clothes and a pair of comfortable walking shoes
  • Some tours involve traveling onboard the train a few days non-stop, so it's advisable to buy some food beforehand
  • Don't forget to pack your tickets, ID, and other valuable items in the carry-on baggage
  • Make sure to bring a few board games, an interesting book, and a portative charger since you may spend a few days onboard the train non-stop

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