Why travel to Africa? To experience its peculiar beauty that simply can't be explained in words. From flourishing wildlife to rigid landscapes to heart-melting hospitality of the locals, you will be enjoying every moment of your African safari and each day will be full of entirely unfamiliar impressions. Our African small group safaris come with our signature quality and attention to every detail. So all you can focus entirely on your experience.


African Overland Safari

Johannesburg Maun Kasane
Experience three divine countries of Africa with our 9-day safari adventure that will introduce you to all the main treasures of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.
Rating: 4.63

The Rhythms of South Africa

Johannesburg Swaziland Durban Cape Town

Feel the rythm of genuine South African life and explore the best places, routes, national parks, reserves and wildlife during the exciting two-week small group tour.

Rating: 4.87

Best of South Africa

Johannesburg Cape Town
This 11-day South Africa exploration will take you through entire country and introduce you to the abundant culture, flora and fauna of Africa's most fabled country
Rating: 4.88

Embracing Namibia

Windhoek Swakopmund Etosha National Park

Embrace yourself in the resplendence of Namibia's diverse vast lands and gorgeousness during the two-week small group tour.

Rating: 4.27