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Land Tour Packages

Browse our extensive collection of premium vacation packages anywhere from Scandinavia to Spain to Russia to Eastern Europe. In fact, with us you can travel as far as Africa or the Far East and always have a peace of mind that your journey is going to be perfectly orchestrated at every step as your itinerary is built for your by travel experts.
Browse our extensive collection of premium vacation packages anywhere from Scandinavia to Spain to Russia to Eastern Europe.

Land Tour Packages

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Land Tour Vacation Packages

Discover our beautiful earth on a perfectly organized Firebird land tour. Explore the significant European countries from Spain to Russia and dive into their historical sights that are worldwide known! Choose a small group or a private tour to any European country and enjoy a well-planned itinerary by our destination experts. Our land tours provide centrally-located hotels, local English-speaking guides, and smooth logistics. Take a chance to delight in Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, Russian, and other cultures, traditions, and diverse histories. Can't wait to start planning? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Things To Do & Places To See on Land Tours

Don't miss out on any important sights & experiences on Land Tours

Take a chance to discover the country on the Land Tour. Create a perfect itinerary based on your preferences and get a top-notch experience with the help of our dedicated destination specialists.

Highlights of Land Tours
  • Rich sightseeing tour of Italy
  • Exploration of Iberia
  • Spain adventures
  • Visit famous Russian sights
  • A visit to beautiful Portugal
  • A wonderful Scandinavia tour
  • Dog-sledding and Nothern Lights
  • A must visit places in Central Europe
  • A remarkable tour to Iceland
  • A must-see cities in Switzerland

Land Tours Travel Tips

Check out our carefully collected travel tips to enjoy your Land Tour adventure.

  • When to travel

    The best time to travel depends on the destination; contact our destination specialists for information on a specific country.

  • Climate

    The climate differs in each region and can often be unpredictable. Bringing a water-resistant jacket and warm clothes is advisable.

  • What to pack

    Make sure to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes as you will spend many hours exploring on foot.

  • How much to tip

    Tipping is usually optional; however, if you enjoyed the service, feel free to leave up to 10% of the bill in tips.

  • Currency

    It is always advisable to have some local currency while traveling abroad; you should check the currency in your destination beforehand.

  • Food

    Take a chance to explore the local cuisine in every city or town you are visiting. You will see the county from a new perspective!

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