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Traveling large distances by train is a very unique experience. In fact, crossing Eurasia on a private train can be even more exciting than traveling by a boutique river cruise. Browse our custom packages including best European and Russian trains as your primary means of traveling between destinations and with included sightseeing tours during stops. Learn more about this type of travel by watching a video about Trans-Siberian rail tours.

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Traveling by train is surely one of the most exciting ways of exploring beautiful countries. Providing a comfortable seat in the best movie theater possible, it ensures picturesque views of spectacular sceneries along the way and allows you to reach your destination in a short amount of time. Even though nowadays, train-travel is accessible almost everywhere, some routes are like no other in the world, such as the Trans-Siberian journey, the Glenfinnan Viaduct, or the Flamsbana Railway, making it not only a mean of transport but a once-in-a-lifetime kind of adventure. Created by a team of our destination specialists, Firebird train trips cover some of the most spectacular train rides and provide the opportunity to visit numerous spectacular locations in destinations all over Europe and beyond. Therefore, choose the train tour of your dreams and set off on a journey to remember.

Train Tour Highlights

  • Traveling along the Sacred Sea of Siberia - Lake Baikal
  • Stepping foot in two continents along the Trans-Mongolian railway
  • Visiting the Bustling Hubs of the Trans-Siberian journey
  • Crossing Spectacular Sceneries of South Africa
  • Getting Acquainted with the Heritage of the Silk Road
  • Traversing Numerous Authentic Towns in Each Destination

Tips for Train Travel

  • Make sure to have your tickets, ID, and other valuables on the carry-on baggage
  • Have some on-board activities prepared for longer train rides, such as a movie, a book, or a favorite playlist to listen to
  • Be sure to bring necessary medication with you especially if you have motion sickness
  • Wearing comfortable clothing and footwear is advisable, especially for long-haul or overnight rides; an inflatable travel pillow might come in handy

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