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Scandinavian countries are among the most developed and healthy economics in the world making them very tourist friendly destinations. However, travelers often come not prepared for local peculiarities. Our Scandinavia travel tips for Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark are going to help you pack for your trip and enjoy your experience while there instead of getting stuck tourist traps for first-time visitors.


Weather & clothing

ClothingWhat to pack and when to travel
Scandinavia travel season lasts all year round. During warmer months people come here to witness the beauty of its fjords and waterfalls. In winter most travelers visit Scandinavia to chase the Northern Lights. Depending on the season, always pack warm clothing and waterproof footwear. Weather in Scandinavia often changes unexpectedly.

Money & ATMs

MoneySituation with currencies & cash
Each Scandinavian country has its own currency. It’s a good idea to have some small amount of cash on you, in case you want to give tips or buy something small like public transport ticket. You can withdraw money in national currency at any ATM in Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark. You will be charged a small commission by the local bank, but it is still a cheaper option than using currency exchange office.

1 USD =
8.4 NOK
8.2 SEK
6.6 DKK

Restaurant prices

MealAverage cost of meals
You've heard it already that Scandinavia is pretty expensive. Cost of a light snack in Scandinavian cities varies from $10-$20 per person. A fully-fledged restaurant dinner would cost from $60-$100 per person, and Michelin star restaurants often cost $150-$250 for a dinner and should be scheduled 2-3 month in advance.

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Tipping etiquette

TipsGiving tips to guides & drivers
Tips to guides and drivers in Scandinavia are not required or expected. However, if you really enjoyed the service, a symbolic tip of no more than $10 will be appreciated. Tips in restaurants are also voluntary. Typically you could just round up the bill or include a standard 5-10% tip from the total amount. It would be considered more than generous.


LanguageHow to blend in with the locals
Majority of the locals speak English, so it will be easy to start a casual conversation particularly in main cities. Most of public places and restaurant also have English supported texts and menus. However, you never know how far a simple 'Hello' said in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish or Danish can take you.


ElectricityCharging your phone & camera
Regular European electrical plugs are used in all of Scandinavia, so you just need to take a European outlet converter with you. You can buy one at the airport or any bigger supermarket.


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