We build multi-destination trips with clockwork logistics

Many companies claim to do that. But it often entails long bus trips, sightseeing in a group of 40+ travelers and only one guide, and carrying your luggage to the train station for several blocks. Our programs have almost perfect logistics that are always improving.

Our small group tours offer the best 'price-per-quality' ratio

Small group tour format takes best of both worlds. Your group is not as crowded as typical large group tours and a full package price is usually twice more affordable than that of a private tour. Besides, a small group tour is a really great way to make new friends from all over the world.

Map of our best small group tour in Scandinavia with extensions to Russia or the Baltics

We hand-pick our partners & work only with the best

Our logistics department is constantly improving each itinerary by selecting the best local suppliers, talking to the guides and finding great downtown hotels that offer superior quality and uncompromised value. 

We listen to our clients & customize your trip to make it your journey-of-a-lifetime

You can plan anything with us. It doesn't matter if it's a leisurely paced vacation or a three-week exploration of Eurasia. We will build a perfect itinerary for you, the one you will later call your journey-of-a-lifetime.

Our service team is the most professional in travel industry

From the moment you first call us to the moment you board your flight on the way back home, our specialists are always there to help. So all you have to do is relax and enjoy every moment of your Firebird tour.