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Travel Bonus Points


Travel Bonus Points

Once you recommend us to your friend, you both receive "before trip" Bonus Points from Firebird Tours Company. These Bonus Points become eligible to be spent once both deposits are covered. Once you return from your trip, you receive "after trip" Bonus Points.


Travel Bonus Points general information:

  • One Bonus Point equals to 1 face value of tour currency.
  • Bonus Points can be used for any package tour organized by Firebird Tours.
  • Bonus points cannot be used for excursions or other activities.
  • Bonus Points cannot be divided into several parts, accumulated or exchanged to money.
  • Bonus Points are valid for one-time use, and for a single trip only.
  • One traveler can use one set of "before trip" and "after trip" Bonus Points.

"Before trip Bonus Points" terms of use:

  • Your friends can use Bonus Points to cover the amount of their trip with Firebird Tours. These Bonus Points are valid and can be used until the start date of your tour.
  • Bonus Points can be redeemed at any time before the start of your trip. If not used before the start of your trip, Bonus Points expire.
  • Your friends can join your trip or use these Bonus Points on any other trip with Firebird Tours.
  • You get a face value of Bonus Points once your friend makes a deposit for a trip with Firebird Tours.
  • Bonus Points allow you to cover the amount of your trip with Firebird Tours.
  • If your friend makes a deposit with Bonus Points, a discount will be also applied to your final payment. If you have already made the final payment, we will refund you the face value of Bonus Points to your bank card/check or bank account.
  • If your friend cancels the trip, your discount will be canceled as well. The amount of the applied discount will be charged from your friend's deposit.

"After trip Bonus Points" terms of use:

  • Bonus Points must be redeemed within 12 months from the date of issue.
  • There are no restrictions on the travel date.
  • Bonus Points are transferable. You can use them or transfer to any other traveler.
  • Bonus Points can be redeemed by a new or existing customer.

Other Rules

  • The Company retains the right to replace existing terms with new ones taking immediate effect when deemed necessary.
  • The Company retains the right to reject any Bonus Points that have been tampered with or found in any way unacceptable at its sole discretion.
  • Special offers cannot be summarized and cannot be redeemed with any other special promotion.
  • We are not responsible if Bonus Points are lost or deleted and no replacement will be provided in these cases.
  • Any attempt to obtain more than the permitted number of Bonus Points by using multiple or different identities, credit cards, forms, registrations, addresses or any other method will void Bonus Points by said customer.
  • Bonus Points may not cover the entire value of the purchase. Any remaining balance must be paid by the customer.