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Browsing for information on Europe travel and information about other countries all over the world? The Destination Focus section of the Firebird blog gives answers to many questions of those planning to go to Europe and beyond, as well as shares handy tips and interesting findings.


Destination Focus
Trans-Siberian Wonders: Extensions to Mongolia
Eager to discover a destination that is out of the ordinary? Boasting the combination of rich and many-sided heritage, eventful history, and unique traditions, this off-the-beaten-path Asian gem is certainly worth a visit.
The Inspiring Guide to Israel Vacations
Nestled on the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the Promised Land simply enchants with its vibrant multilingual cities, majestic temples, and sacred places, the historical value of which is difficult to overestimate. In this piece, we would love to introduce you to the most outstanding Israel landmarks you definitely wouldn’t want to miss during your Israel travel.
Greece Vacation Spots: Top 5 Greek Islands
Without a doubt, there's a plethora of places to see in mainland Greece, yet the country's vast expanses are spread on over 6000 islands, making up its archipelago. For those who have a Greek island vacation in mind, we've put together a countdown of the ultimate best islands in Greece worth the time.
Top Things to Do in Scotland
Fairytale Scotland is a magical place which helped to shape the world. The country prides itself on wondrous sights, breathtaking landscapes, and amazing people, promising to turn any Scotland tour into a journey of a lifetime.
Incredible Wonders of Portugal
Don't be mistaken thinking that there isn't much to do in Portugal as the fabulous historically-rich Portuguese cities are winning over the hearts of more and more travelers from all around the globe. In this article, we have put together recommendations on the top Portugal places to spice up your itinerary.
Romania Travel: Transylvania & Beyond
Deservingly described as “the last truly medieval landscape in Europe” and being the favorite place of the Prince of Wales, Trasulvania attracts tourists from all over the world.