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Browsing for information on Europe travel? The Destination Focus section of the Firebird blog gives answers to many questions of those planning to go to Europe as well as shares handy tips and interesting findings.


Destination Focus
In this article, we'd like to share what to know when touring the Netherlands in the colorful flowery season and how to spice up your spring Netherlands itinerary.
Enthusiasts of Italy travel often say that if you haven't been to the Amalfi Coast, you haven't seen Italy in all its glory.
The charms of winding cobbled lanes, the grandeur of Gothic cathedrals and medieval castles, outstanding art and music coupled with authentic local delicacies - be sure, central Europe has it all.
Often overlooked because of neighboring France and Germany, the Benelux countries have an incredible charm and so many experiences to offer.
Dreaming of seeing the endless beauty of Switzerland? In this article you can find answers to questions like where to go in Switzerland in winter, things to see in winter Switzerland, which activities to add on to your travel plans, what the weather is like, as well as handy tips on which things to pack in your suitcase.
In this piece, we're happy to share some Germany travel tips as well as give answers to many questions we often receive from travelers planning to go on tours of Germany.
In the first part of our review we've introduced you to the major destinations of the northern and central regions of France which are worth visiting. Now, let's turn to the sunnier part of the country to see France from a different angle - with nice sandy beaches, azure bays, top-class resorts and colorful seaside towns with cozy winding streets.
If somebody asks you to name the most romantic destination in Europe, you are most likely to recall France first as the country has confidently headed the list of the best places to go for a romantic holiday with your beloved ones. So, in this piece, we want to introduce you to the first half of the top 10 places you would love to include to your France itinerary!