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Browsing for information on Europe travel? The Destination Focus section of the Firebird blog gives answers to many questions of those planning to go to Europe as well as shares handy tips and interesting findings.


Destination Focus
In the first part of our review we’ve introduced you to the major destinations of the northern and central regions of France which are worth visiting. Now, let’s turn to the sunnier part of the country to see France from a different angle - with nice sandy beaches, azure bays, top-class resorts and colorful seaside towns with cozy winding streets.
If somebody asks you to name the most romantic destination in Europe, you are most likely to recall France first as the country has confidently headed the list of the best places to go for a romantic holiday with your beloved ones. So, in this piece, we want to introduce you to the first half of the top 10 places you would love to include to your France itinerary!
If you're heading to Europe, you should surely save a spot for "Deutschland", as locals call it. In this article, we'd like to introduce you to destinations that are highlights of Germany tours.
Enigmatic Iceland is one of the world’s most interesting destinations for nature travel. Despite cold outside temperatures, this chilly Northern country set in the Atlantic Sea has recently become a very popular travel destination. Annually thousands of travelers head to Iceland to spot the Northern Lights, and in this article, you can find out when is the most preferable time to go Aurora-hunting in Iceland, how to tour Iceland, and more.
In the previous post, we’ve showed you why the Italian north should be on your bucket list and now we’d love to share the secrets about why Southern Italy is no less worth a visit as well. To get a better understanding of what you actually want, let’s get a deeper insight into the peculiarities of Italy’s southern side so you to decide what Italian corner suits you best.
Italy is a true gem of the Mediterranean which continues to allure more and more tourists from every corner of the world. However, there’s still an open question under consideration remaining unsolved. Where is it better to go - Northern or Southern Italy?
Those who plan to travel to Morocco are often concerned about what time of the year to go there and which cities and regions to include to their travel itinerary. So, to help make the vacation planning process easier, we have put together easy tips and some Morocco-related advice, answering the most frequently asked questions regarding travel to this region.
Who doesn't want to find themselves among the blossom of Dutch tulip fields? Or experience the authentic European Christmas with snow, ice-skating, and mulled wine somewhere in Brussels? Or maybe relax on the beach of the North Sea watching the ships sailing across to England? Of course, Benelux countries have a lot to offer regardless of the season, so let's find out what your options are when you travel to the Netherlands or Belgium depending on the season.