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About Aberdeen

About Aberdeen

Why Visit Aberdeen, Scotland

Being one of the most significant port cities in Scotland, Aberdeen is a nice spot to immerse into the local lifestyle and culture. In fact, Aberdeen is often called the "granite city" due to the silvery-grey color of its architectural ensemble. But if you think that Aberdeen is just a gloomy industrial hub not worth a ride, you are profoundly wrong!

During your Aberdeen walking tour, you can witness a number of beautiful structures, especially along the banks of the River Dee. One of the most wonderful gems is the Cathedral of St. Andrew, built in 1817. Initially, the building was made in the classical Gothic style, but after numerous restorations, its appearance was transformed and now has some features of classicism and baroque.

Museum-goers will also be pleased by the variety of Aberdeen museums. The Aberdeen Art Gallery, housed in a Victorian building, provides unique collections of paintings and sculptures by the impressionists as well as contemporary Scottish artists.

The Maritime Museum is dedicated to the mechanics of ships, and the museum's collection reveals the rich seafaring history of Aberdeen. Science enthusiasts are always welcome in the Aberdeen Science Center, Scotland's first science center opened to the public housing more than 50 interactive exhibitions.

In addition, Aberdeen is a gateway to the impressive Scotland's Castle Country, including more than 260 castles and ancient ruins dotting its landscape!

Now you see why a trip to Aberdeen is an inevitable part of any Scotland travel itinerary?

Best Things to Do in Aberdeen, Scotland

  • Take a tour around the diverse Aberdeen museums
  • Take a couple pf pictures by the Cathedral of St. Andrew
  • Set off on a scenic trip around the breathtaking Scotland's Castle Country
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