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Derry, Northern Ireland

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About Derry

About Derry

Why Visit Derry, Northern Ireland

Welcome to the United Kingdom's charming city of Derry, located in Northern Ireland! Boasting significant historical monuments alongside a bustling modern-day lifestyle, it offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities to add to your Northern Ireland itinerary.

Start your Derry tour by walking the city's defensive walls, arguably the only city wall in entire Ireland that has maintained its original state. Featuring seven gateways, the fortified wall provides some of the best sightseeing opportunities and takes you back in time as you admire the views over the city.

Some other stops worth including to your Derry itinerary are undoubtedly the St. Columb's Cathedral, the Tower Museum where you can get better acquainted with the eventful history of the country, and the magnificent neo-Gothic Guildhall. In addition to that, those traveling with children will surely enjoy a visit to the River Watch Aquarium and Visitor Center.

Best Things to Do in Derry, Northern Ireland

  • Walk the City Walls for the best views over the city
  • Visit the St. Columb's Cathedral
  • Explore the displays at the Tower Museum
  • Marvel at the neo-Gothic Guildhall
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