Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk, Poland

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About Gdansk

About Gdansk

Why Visit Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk is the port city you can't miss the chance to visit while in Poland. Situated by the Baltic Sea, it provides with picturesque landscapes, unique architecture, and beautiful landmarks, all making for one scenic Gdansk itinerary. Soak up its history by exploring numerous landmarks scattered around the area or simply walk around enjoying the ambiance of the bustling city, Gdansk is the place with a little something for everyone.

Make sure to admire the monumental pieces of architecture in the old town of the city, such as St Mary's Church, situated in the heart of the area. The imposing church features 37 large windows and a 15th-century astronomical clock, as well as a tower which can be climbed to marvel at the scenic landscapes of the city. Over 400 hundred stairs have to be conquered in order to do that, however, the sight is truly worth it!

Another significant part of Gdansk sightseeing is the Dlugi Targ, the main avenue in the city lined up with charming colorful houses, restaurants, and cafes. Tourists and locals likewise often enjoy a lovely stroll along the boulevard, also called the Royal Way or the Long Market, as its colorful scenery is truly one postcard-like looking sight. Walk by the Golden Gate nearby or visit the Main Town Hall, dating back to the 14th century. The tower features a 37-bell clarion and a lavish interior with numerous beautiful frescoes, painted ceilings, and various artifacts.

Moreover, a Gdansk tour is also one full of great museums for you to visit. Situated in a former monastery right by the Main Tower, the National Museum's Department of Early Art offers an extensive exhibition of paintings, embroidery, and other artifacts of cultural heritage. Some other museums worth exploring are the Museum of WWII, the National Maritime Museum, and the European Solidarity Center. Don't miss the chance to see the Artus Court Museum as well, set right by the Neptune Fountain.

Best Things to Do in Gdansk, Poland

  • Stop by the ornate St Mary's Church
  • Stroll the picturesque Dlugi Targ area
  • Check out the Main Town Hall of Gdansk

All in all, Gdansk is an exciting mix of colorful heritage and 21st-century influences, making it a must-see in Poland.

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