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Why Visit Mokra Gora, Serbia

Unveil the secrets of Mokra Gora, a true Serbian gem located between the Zlatibor and Tara mountains. A scenic place with Narnia-like landscapes, tiny wooden villages, and sparkling springs is a perfect choice for all nature-lovers.

On your Mokra Gora trip don't miss the chance to explore the picturesque area of the Tara National Park which is well-known as the lungs of Serbia. Numerous meadows, rivers, and lakes create a fantastic natural mix that will for sure take your breath away.

The area is filled with the small charming wooden towns and it's simply a "must" to pop into the most famous one, Kustendorf (or Drvengrad in Serbian). This etno-village created by the film director Emir Kusturica who was enchanted by the beauty of the region is a unique location. Moreover, every January a great film festival "Kustendorf" takes place in the village, it’s a fun event you shouldn't miss if you plane your Serbia trip during this time of year!

Among the best ways to get to Kustendorf during your Mokra Gora journey is to follow one of the most beautiful railway routes and get on board the unique Sargan Eight train. On this epic train ride let yourself be mesmerized by the sounds of the nearby waterfalls and breathtaking views of the region.

All these treasures of Mokra Gora won't leave anyone indifferent, so don't miss the opportunity to enrich your Serbia travel with this unique destination!

Best Things to Do in Mokra Gora

  • Appreciate the beauty of local landscapes in Tara National Park
  • Visit the legendary Kustendorf village
  • Take a ride on Sargan Eight train
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