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Perugia, Italy

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About Perugia

About Perugia

Why Visit the town of Perugia

The small town of Perugia is the essence of Italy. Tiny villages, homemade wine, architecture masterpieces, and, of course, incredible artworks. Perugia was the heart of the Umbrian school of painting in the 15th century. Bernardino Betti, Pietro Vannucci, young but showing a great promise already, Raphael, and plenty of other outstanding artists worked in Perugia at some point and the examples of their work can be found in the churches all around the town.

Every Perugia trip starts at the Piazza IV Novembre, the historic center of the city. The beautiful Fontana Maggiore, decorated with pink and white marble stones and the bronze nymphs sculptures, is proudly set in the middle of the piazza. On the west side of it, you can find the Archbishop's Palace and the Museum of Natural History, but the most interesting sight near the Piazza IV Novembre is San Lorenzo.

The San Lorenzo Church is one of the few Italian churches that has never been completed. The facade of the building remains unfinished, only the wall facing the Fontana Maggiore can boast beautiful white and pink marble decorations, matching the ones you can find on the fountain.

The San Bernardino's chapel of the cathedral contains the "Deposition" by Federico Barroci, its sacristy is home to the set of Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi's frescoes, and the church of San Severo offers to admire the work of young Raphael, "The Trinity".

Another church worth checking out during your Perugia trip is the Tempio di Sant'Arcangelo. Built at some point around 5th century BC, this round church is believed to be used by the Templar knights and is decorated with various obscure symbols, such as the Templar crosses and pentagrams.

To explore the underground Perugia is also one of the "must" things to do in Siena. An extensive network of the underground tunnels, Rocca Paolina, is what has remained from the fortress, built in the 16th century by Pope Paul III and destroyed after Italy's unification in the 19th century. Nowadays, the sections of the ex-fortress are connected with escalators and visitors are welcome to enjoy a walk through the cool stone maze, as well as to take advantage of the various exhibitions, museums, and shops on the territory.

Perugia is also a great place to visit for all chocolate lovers and wine enthusiasts. The town is famous for its Eurochocolate festival held in October. But even if you are visiting the town during any other month, you still can treat yourself with the guided tour to the Perugina, the famous Italian chocolate manufacturer. The highlight of the tour is the all-you-can-eat chocolate tasting in the end. The second category of travelers will appreciate the afternoon at Tili Vini Winery, located not far from scenic Perugia. Together with the local guide Maria and her German Shepherd you will learn about the history of the vineyard, look into the organic wine production process, and participate in a memorable tasting at the end of the tour.

Best Things to Do During Perugia Tour

  • Explore the Rocca Paolina
  • Visit the San Lorenzo and the Tempio di Sant'Arcangelo churches
  • Take a guided tour to the Perugina and the Tili Vini Winery
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