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Rotterdam, Netherlands

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About Rotterdam

About Rotterdam

Why Visit Rotterdam, Netherlands

Northern Europe is rich in majestic sites and scenic locations that either make you admire the splendor of medieval gothic constructions or carry you back into the idyllic setting from children's books. Some of them at the same time represent various urban curiosities, focusing more on the modern trends. Rotterdam, South Holland (the province in the Netherlands) is certainly not an exception.

Having been abnormally destroyed during World War II (unfortunately, a big part of the historical center suffered from bomb explosions), nevertheless, the lovely town astounds with breathtaking panoramas of its inner part and surrounding neighborhoods. Feel intrigued? Let's start the exciting Rotterdam journey.

Rotterdam's history is closely connected with the sea (no surprise for the Netherlands, right?) Known in old times as a significant trade hub, the city still boasts its tremendous port which is actually the largest in Europe and the third busiest one in the world!

Another water-related landmark that always comes in the spotlight during Rotterdam sightseeing is the Erasmusbridge. It was built in 1996 and named in honor of Erasmus of Rotterdam, the very name of the outstanding European philosopher testifies that he's immortalized his hometown forever. The cable-stayed bridge is considered to be the main symbol of Rotterdam and sometimes even serves as a good location for municipal festivities and outdoor concerts.

The city is also noted around the globe for its unique modern architecture and love for futuristic designs. If you're curious and want to take some outstanding pictures, stop by the famous bright-yellow Cube Houses and visit the Rotterdam Market Hall, famous for its massive and colorful arched ceiling.

For you to stay totally blown away after your Rotterdam trip, consider visiting Kinderdijk. The marvelous village with the name meaning "Children Dike" is situated 9 miles east of the town and always causes everyone joy and excitement. You'll see 19 traditional windmills (unmatched symbols of the Netherlands) constructed on both sides of the local canal. In warm seasons the newcomer may just enjoy the fantastic view of the mills but in winter the best choice is to join the locals who put on skates and come to the frozen canal to have much fun.

Best Things to Do in Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Check out the Rotterdam port and the Erasmusbridge
  • Explore the unusual futuristic architectural designs of the city
  • Have a trip to the city outskirts to visit Kinderdijk and see traditional windmills

The zoo is often included in a Rotterdam itinerary too. The renowned sight that luckily survived the bombings offers some unique fauna species, including mammals from Africa and Asia. Nobody stays calm after attending the zoo's oceanarium: as if emphasizing that nothing Dutch may exist with no link to water, the Rotterdam zoo surprises visitors of all ages with marine organisms of all kinds including octopuses, sea lions, and sharks. Do not forget that the Dutch, above all, are matchless experts in floriculture, and the small botanical garden located within the zoo just proves this fact.

Still not sure about Rotterdam? Make no mistake, this centuries-old town will get you to love it and is definitely worth your time.

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