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About Seoul

About Seoul

What to See in Seoul, South Korea

The vibrant capital and main metropolis of South Korea, mind-blowing Seoul wins travelers over by its unconventional contrasts: ancient Buddhist temples surrounded by head-spinning skyscrapers, technology-forwardness coupled with deep traditions, neon lights of shopping windows giving way to blooming gardens and tiny houses, all to a dynamic K-Pop beat... Seoul is a city where you can never get bored!

Being almost completely destroyed during the Korean war, Seoul raised from the ashes like a phoenix and is now rapidly making its way to the new horizons. The ideal starting point of your Seoul itinerary is the city's premier palace, Gyeongbokgung, which represents the majesty of the royal Joseon Dynasty. Apart from this hallmark Seoul attraction, you may also enrich your walking tour with a visit to the Eastern Palace complex including Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung, notable for the rich history and surrounded by breathtaking gardens, perfect for peaceful strolls.

Despite the fact that the Seoul population counts about 10 million people, there are places where you can hide from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Thus, the next Seoul must-visit is the Buddist temple, Jogyesa. This is the place where you can have a deep insight into the local culture and even the monks' everyday life as there are special programs with a temporary stay in Jogyesa.

However, Seoul captivates not only by its rich historical heritage, yet with the gems of urban culture and modern art. The Seoul skyline is dotted with impressive futuristic skyscrapers that strike by their scale and make you feel as if you are taken to the distant future. Of course, you can take a couple of photos by the Seoul towers but we strongly recommend to get on the observation deck of the Lotte World Tower, the tallest building in South Korea, to catch simply stunning views of the city.

Art enthusiasts are guaranteed to find their cup of tea as well as Seoul swarms with various museums, art centers, modern installations, and bizarre objects. Do you remember the popular music video "Gangnam Style"? You will probably be surprised by the fact that Seoul's district of Gangnam has a statue dedicated to this musical hit, showing two fists overlapped in the "horse-riding" dance move like in the video.

"Musts" During Tours of Seoul, South Korea

  • Catch the ceremony of the guard charging at the stunning Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • Enjoy the best city views from one of the observation decks of Seoul skyscrapers
  • Taste some delicious Korean street food

All in all, Seoul is a 24-hour city, being full of surprises and offering entertainment around the clock with extensive sightseeing and shopping at daytime, and saturated Seoul nightlife with every possible bar, discos, and even night markets. In other words, Seoul has everything to fall in love with it with all your heart!