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About Sortavala

About Sortavala

Why Visit Sortavala, Russia

If you are in search of a place in Russia which combines scenic natural landscapes and a harmonious mixture of Scandinavian vibe and Russian history, we are glad to introduce to you a charming gem on the shore of Lake Ladoga, Sortavala.

Located just a 1,5-hour drive from the Finnish border, this Karelian hub has managed to become the part of Sweden, Finland, and Russia in different periods of its history which left a significant imprint on its unique cultural and architectural legacy. 

Delve deeper into the Karelian heritage and don't miss the chance to visit the Art center of Kronid Gogolev, featuring exhibitions of carvings depicting numerous historical events in the area. Another landmark commemorating the Karelian heritage is the statue of Petri Shemeikka, a one-of-a-kind singer using the rune alphabet.

Sortavala travel is often associated with a visit to Valaam, a picturesque archipelago in the northern part of Lake Ladoga which has traditionally been a mecca for pilgrims as well as artistic people caught by its marvelous beauty.

While on Sortavala tour make sure to also explore the architecture in the area. Some examples include the orthodox church of St. John the Baptist and the Ladozhskaya Usadba Tourist Complex, a former estate of a wealthy Finnish family, which has been rebuilt.

Best Things to Do in Sortavala, Russia

  • Immerse yourself in the nature of Karelia
  • Spend time by Lake Lagoda
  • Enjoy the picturesque Valaam Archipelago
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