Top 5 Copenhagen Restaurants


Almost 20 years ago the New Nordic Cuisine movement was born, presenting to the world the New Danish Cuisine as a part of it. The trend is based on the idea of using only local and natural ingredients, the desire for freshness and simplicity, and the aspiration to preserve the natural flavors. Scandinavian chefs had to start thinking out of the box, adopt the existing techniques to new circumstances, and come up with new menus, combining the centuries-old traditional Danish recipes and the new unusual ingredients. Exploring Danmark, you will have a chance to enjoy the old-school traditional Danish meal (where portions are very generous and potatoes and meat are the kings of the plate), as well as to try the modern versions of the classic recipes, prepared with organic seasonal ingredients. To help you choose your favorite Danish cooking style, we've made this list of what we think are the best Copenhagen restaurants.

1. Rebel Restaurant, Copenhagen

Excellent Wine List

Store Kongensgade, 52
+45 33 32 32 09


The stylish Rebel Restaurant boasts a great location near the beautiful Amalienborg Palace and has moderate prices. The restaurant's cooking is modern and based mostly on the local Danish ingredients. Guests are welcome to enjoy an interesting wine selection as well.

2. Trio Restaurant, Copenhagen

Highest City Restaurant

Jernbanegade , 11
+45 44 22 74 74


The beautiful Trio Restaurant offers to enjoy the breathtaking views over picturesque Copenhagen, as well as top-class service, and delicious food. The restaurant's menu masterfully blends the traditional French dishes and modern Nordic cuisine.

3. Kong Hans Kaelder Restaurant, Copenhagen

Classic French Cooking

Vingardstraede, 6
+45 33 11 68 68


This restaurant is housed in the oldest building of beautiful Copenhagen! It has all the pluses of the classic luxury restaurants and yet completely lacks their usual pretentiousness. We advise trying the restaurant's signature dish, the Danish Black Lobster.

4. Aoc Restaurant, Copenhagen

Modern Gastronomy

Dronningens Tvaergade, 2
+45 33 11 11 45


The spacious and stylish Aoc Restaurant boasts an excellent location near the amazing Amalienborg and offers a New Danish Cuisine menu. The owner is an experienced sommelier, so the restaurant's wine selection is definitely worth special attention.

5. Geranium Restaurant, Copenhagen

Surprise Set Menus

Per Henrik Lings Alle, 4
+45 69 96 00 20


Located on the 8th floor of the National Football Stadium, the elegant Geranium Restaurant provides truly stunning views over the amazing city. The restaurant's kitchen takes pride in using only the best organic ingredients and modern techniques.