Top 5 Helsinki Restaurants


Nowadays, food can hardly be a surprise due to the number of restaurants, offering to enjoy delicious cuisine from all over the world. Finnish cuisine is unlike what you're used to eating every day, and yet it is still quite a challenge to find a good place, inviting to try various delicacies from Finland. Fairly, the best word describing traditional Finnish cuisine is "pure". It lacks hardly any spices, plus high-quality ingredients are always carefully prepared in a way that preserves natural flavors and aromas, as well as vitamins and minerals. To make sure that you don't miss out on an opportunity to really appreciate how amazing Finnish cuisine can be, we've put together some suggestions about the best Helsinki restaurants you shouldn't miss during your journey to Finland.

1. EMO Restaurant, Helsinki

Modern Cooking

Kluuvikatu, 2
+358 10 505 09 00


When the owners were choosing a name for the new restaurant, they decided to emphasize what they want the restaurant to be about. All guests are offered a great Experience, warm Memories for years to come, and an Opportunity to enjoy great food and drinks.

2. Ragu Restaurant, Helsinki

Finnish Italian

Ludviginkatu, 3
+35 89 59 66 59


The lovely Ragy Restaurant is ready to surprise you with an unexpected combination of flavors and scents. The restaurant's kitchen offers traditional Italian recipes, prepared with the best local ingredients. The "Chef's menu" changes every week and allows guests to savor the latest addition to the menu.

3. Grotesk Restaurant, Helsinki

Specializes in Stakes

Ludviginkatu, 10
+35 810 470 21 00


Housed in an impressive 19th-century building, the Grotesk Restaurant's interior has nothing to do with history. Cheeky and modern, the dining room is stylishly decorated in black, red, and white. Guests are also welcome to visit the elegant wine bar & the fashionable cocktail bar.

4. Palace Restaurant, Helsinki

Amazing Views

Etelaranta, 10
+35 850 505 86 43


Set on the 10th floor of a modernist building, the elegant Palace Restaurant boasts a great location on the shores of the South Harbour. The spotless presentation of the dishes here is just as important as the luxurious ingredients, well-balanced taste, and wonderful smell.

5. Olo Restaurant, Helsinki

Local Meats

Pohjoisesplanadi, 5
+35 810 320 62 50


The minimalistic Olo Restaurant invites guests to enjoy a warm welcome, top-notch service, and a very interesting menu. The restaurant's kitchen takes pride in various gourmet dishes, made from unusual local meats such as moose and elk.