Best Porto Restaurants


Washed by the Atlantic Ocean and boasting gorgeous scenery of high mountains and emerald plains, Portugal is as rich and diverse in its outstanding gastronomy as in breathtaking landscapes. In case Northern Portugal is on your travel radar, you should definitely save some time to immerse in the culinary delights of Porto.
The motherland of famous port wine, hospitable Porto offers a lot of top-notch restaurants with a wide variety of dishes made of the best local ingredients. Below we made up a list of top restaurants in Porto which we advise to pay attention to if you crave to try quality seafood, meat, great wines, and a lot more.

1. The Yeatman Restaurant, Porto

Fusion Cuisine

Rua do Choupelo, 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia
+3 512 201 331 00


Located in the historic center just near the Duoro River, the 2-star Michelin restaurant guarantees scenic views and stylish ambiance coupled with mouthwatering culinary masterpieces and a simply excellent wine selection.

2. Palco Restaurant, Porto

Contemporary Cuisine

R. de Sa da Bandeira 84, 4000-427
+3 512 204 096 20


The Palco Restaurant is a romantic space, designed in black and gold shades. The place offers a la carte and kid's menus which include modern culinary, boasting flavors typical for Portuguese home cooking.

3. Antiqvvm Restaurant, Porto

Traditional Cooking

R. de Entre-Quintas 220, 4050-240
+3 512 260 004 45


Searching for an excellent culinary experience in an elegant setting? The Antiqvvm Restaurant is set in a gorgeous 18th-century villa and offers a great selection of traditional local dishes. Vegan and Gluten-free options are available too.

4. Euskalduna Studio Restaurant, Porto

Local & Seasonal Dishes

R. de Santo Ildefonso 404, 4000-466
+3 519 353 353 01


Using only local ingredients, Euskalduna's talented chef has created a refined menu based on the best traditions of Portuguese gastronomy. The venue itself is a stylish dining room, featuring an intimate and welcoming atmosphere to enjoy the tasty experience.