6 Unmissable Souvenirs from Russia


In case you've already started planning your upcoming Russia travel, you've definitely got a chance to figure out how diverse and manisided Russian culture is. Historically, genuine Russians have been famous for their fancy handicrafts as well as the endless love to give presents, so we can imagine how overwhelmed a traveler can become popping into a colorful Russian souvenir shop packed with cool things. So apart from getting the classic refrigerator magnet or mug with a fun print, to sort out the diversity of fancy Russian gifts, we've put together a list of traditional souvenir ideas to bring back home or present to your friends and family!

Best Things to Buy as Souvenirs in Russia

1. Russian Matryoshka Doll
Russian Matryoshka Doll

Being one of the most obvious ones, Russian matryoshka still stands among the best souvenirs to bring from Russia. Historically, matryoshka has strong ties with Russian culture. Considered a symbol of the family hearth making, these lovely Russian dolls are an ideal present for your loved ones. By the way, did you know that it is actually possible to indicate from what region of Russia this or that matryoshka came by the painted pattern it is decorated with? Today you can even find "modern-looking" matryoshkas depicting various figures like Putin, Ronaldo, Messi, too.

2. Pavloposadskie Scarves
Pavloposadskie Scarves

In case you are fond of extraordinary artsy patterns in clothing, you'll surely appreciate the beauty of traditional Russian shawls, originated in a small town, Pavlovsky Posad, not far from Moscow. Keeping old traditions in producing the scarves, Russian manufacturers offer a wide selection of Pavloposadskie shawls for all tastes. In fact, these fancy floral-patterned shawls are able to keep you warm even on cold winter evenings, adding a particular elegant charm to your outfit. Isn't it a nice reminder of genuine Russia to bring back home?

3. Faberge Eggs Replicas
Faberge Eggs

If your Russian travel itinerary includes the Kremlin Armoury in Moscow or the Faberge Museum in Saint Petersburg, you'll for sure be impressed by the remarkable collection of the fabulous eggs created by the praised jeweler Karl Faberge especially for the Royal family. Of course, this limited collection has become part of the public domain found in world-famous museums, yet there's no reason why you can't have your own Faberge eggs. Today, you can buy stunning replicas of these masterpieces in many Russian souvenir shops. Don't miss the chance!

4. Gzhel Ceramics
Gzhel Ceramics

Having appeared in the Moscow region at the end of the 18th century, beautiful Gzhel porcelain is a type of white and blue ceramics that now stands among the first items to buy in a Russian souvenir shop. In fact, the range of decorative Gzhel pieces is very diverse, including teaware sets, bowls, vases, clocks, lamps which will definitely become a nice addition to any interior. We are sure that such tastefully designed things will make a great gift, but we strongly recommend purchasing Gzhel in official resellers to avoid fakes.

5. Fancy Khokhloma Crockery
Khokhloma Crockery

Probably the most recognizable Russian folk ornament, vibrant Khokhloma, dates back to the 17th century. Originated in central Russia, Khokhloma has become loved by craftsmen around the country. Traditionally, this painting style (mostly on wood) includes floral motifs with red, black, and gold, wonderfully looking on crockery and fabric items. The color choice is not random as Russians believed that scarlet and gold symbolize happiness and wealth. In any case, bringing something as authentic and positive home can't be a bad idea.

6. Amber Jewelry
Amber Jewelry

Eager to enlarge your collection of jewels with something unique? Vintage-looking amber items are a great choice to bring from your Russia trip. This honey-like fossilized tree resin, romantically called "the tears of the sea", is mined on the Baltic coasts. This extraordinary natural gift comes in a number of colors, from light yellow to dark brown, so the diversity of amber items is limited only by the fantasy of jewelers. You'll probably be surprised that amber is so loved by Russians that it's also used in decorative statuettes, pictures, and even chess sets.