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A beautiful white dog lying on the shore of the Lake Louise in Canada

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About Canada

About Canada

Did you know that Canada is the second-biggest country in the world? While Russia that prides itself on ranking first is famous for its incredible diversity in terms of natural beauty, culture, and unique atmosphere, Canada somehow stands out less. And it's time to fix this injustice because this marvelous country deserves just as much praise and attention to its wonders! Home to the magnificent Canadian Rockies, numerous jaw-dropping lakes of unique colors and breathtaking beauty, the waterfalls of head-spinning height, and fast winding rivers, Canada is a dream travel spot for any nature buff. Just looking at the pictures of the Banff National Park evokes an immediate desire to go hiking even if you are not a fan of the active holidays. The country's main cities are also full of possibilities to enhance your experience as they are bursting with fascinating landmarks, museum renowned all around the globe, and excellent restaurants.

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