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Hermitage: Treasure Trove of Art

The world-famous Hermitage Museum is home to the largest collection of paintings on Earth, holding about 3 million works of art. It is said that if one would spend 3 minutes admiring every exhibit of the Hermitage, it would take around three years to see the museum's whole exhibition.

The outstanding green, gold and white building of the Winter Palace, located in the very heart of Saint Petersburg on the banks of Neva River, is home to the Hermitage Museum. The adjacent Palace Square combining all the buildings of the complex is also worth a visit.

History & Facts

Hermitage's history falls back to 1764 when Empress Catherine the Great founded her first collection of fine works of art, purchased by Russia's ambassadors who brought them to Russia from all around the globe.

Today any visit to the Hermitage is highlighted by the Renaissance collection displaying works by Cezanne and Monet, and masterpieces by 20th-century painters like Picasso, Matisse, and Kandinsky.

Hermitage's historic Winter Palace surprises visitors with the gorgeous Malachite Room and the Great Nicholas Room where many imperial balls were held. The Concert Hall is renown for the imperial carriages exhibition. What is more, the museum is also rich in exhibits of archaeological findings dating to the age of Christ.

All in all, the Hermitage is an admired and prestigious treasure chest, encompassing the rich legacy of mankind and is a must-see in Saint Petersburg.

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