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About Bilbao

About Bilbao

Why Visit Bilbao, Spain

One thing is certain, you can never get bored of España, its temperamental and open people, mouthwatering cuisine, alluring coastline, and unique art. However, if you wish to explore slightly different Spain, away from the touristic hustle and bustle, you should definitely begin to plan a Spanish travel itinerary of yours with the largest city of the mysterious Basque Country, Bilbao.

Often overshadowed by sparkling Madrid and vibrant Barcelona, the proud northern city is only starting to gain popularity among travelers going on Northern Spain tours which is definitely a nice thing as Bilbao has something for everyone. Though it is not the capital of the region, Bilbao can be firmly stated as the heart of the Basque Country which beats in unison with modern trends in art and cuisine without neglecting the traditions of the past. Be sure, you will catch the quaint contrast of the old and the new walking along the streets during a Bilbao tour!

Contemporary Bilbao, indeed, has a great potential to become an unforgettable destination for your upcoming Spain vacation as the city preserves a number of historic sights and boasts wonderful masterpieces of modern architecture. You may start your acquaintance with the city with a Bilbao walking tour around the Old Town, the place where the first chapters in the city's history were written.

To dive into Bilbao history, explore the Gothic Bilbao Cathedral, dedicated to the Apostle Santiago, pass by the beautiful Town Hall (Bilboko Udala), and take a couple of photos by the stunning palaces, Palacio de la Diputacion Foral de Vizcaya and Palacio Chavarri, as well as Teatro Arriaga.

After immersing into the charms of the cozy Old Town, make a jump forward in time and take in the futuristic vibe of the most famous and prominent Bilbao attraction, the iconic Guggenheim Museum. The museum houses impressive collections and installations by notable artists which is a nice catch for all art lovers from all over the world.

Moreover, the building itself is a fine example of creativity, and innovativeness as some people claim that its appearance reminds a real space ship, some see a huge iron flower. What will your version be like?

Best Things to Do in Bilbao, Spain

  • Stroll the old town and see the inspiring Town Hall
  • Enter the Gothic Bilbao Cathedral to see its beauty from inside
  • Visit the iconic Bilbao Guggenheim Museum
  • Stop by the Palacio de la Diputacion Foral de Vizcaya & Palacio Chavarri
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