Fairbanks, United States


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About Fairbanks

About Fairbanks

Why Visit Fairbanks, USA

The town of Fairbanks is located in the Far North, so luxurious white nights reign here in summer, and in winter, you can watch the Northern Lights.

These wonders of nature, winter sports, the history of the gold rush, the cultural heritage of the local population of Alaska, picturesque views, and warm hospitality have become the city's business card.

You're welcome to enjoy dog sledding, relaxing in ice hotels, rafting on northern rivers, exploring wildlife in national parks, admiring the views of Alaska from a helicopter, or visiting a museum. Don't forget to take a trip to the nearby hot springs! Fairbanks is the key to discovering Alaska!

Best Things to Do on a Fairbanks Vacation

  • Ride in a dog sled and explore Alaskan vastness
  • Enjoy impressive views of Denali National Park and view grizzly bears from the helicopter
  • Discover Glaciers in Hiking Tours
  • Relax in Chena Hot Springs and get captured by Northern Lights
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