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About Inari

About Inari

Why Visit Inari, Finland

Look at the map of Northern Europe, it seems like there is a three-headed dragon and his rightmost head - astounding Finland, lying next to Russia, is what we are going to talk about today. Divided internally into 19 regions, "maakuntaa", Finland boasts plenty of natural wealth and historical landmarks.

Speaking about Lapland, the biggest Finnish maakuntaa, it houses numerous tourist spots such as Saariselka, best known for fabulous ski walks and hiking, and Inari, the Sami culture's hub. You can find here the Sami Parliament and many other organizations representing these people's interests and heritage.

The Sami make every effort to preserve their national identity as well as to spread the knowledge about their language and rich historical legacy.

Thus, Sajos, the cultural and educative center (where, by the way, the Parliament works) encourages the visitors to discover the beauty of the ancient Finno-Ugric folk. One of the Sajos halls has a form of the oval shamanic tambourine. Many other national attributes including the different types of Sami's dwellings and huts which are shown in the Siida exhibition center.

Moreover, Lapland is actually known as "the reindeer land" and here, in Inari, you have a chance to see how the reindeer herder used to live. Sami occupied themselves in crafts and fishery and the Siida center offers to see some related objects. All in all, the incredible museum is the precious source of the Sami life and, for sure, is a must-see for everyone who comes here.

Let's not go far from fishing and take a look at the Lake Inari. The scenic crystal clear water area sharing the same name with the above-mentioned village is a particular tourist attraction. Rocks, mirror water surface, the amazing aroma of firs and pines, feels like paradise, right? Despite being placed north of the Arctic Circle, the lake is covered with ice only 4 months a year what makes it a perfect destination for fishing lovers. Spend an unforgettable journey on the Inari banks and even in case you do not have a passion for a patient sitting with rod in hands, make sure to taste the results of someone else's work: the Inari is rich in trout, salmon, and pike. The best period to set off here is somewhere between August and October.

The latter, in fact, does not mean you need to exclude Inari from your winter vacation plans. We all know that Lapland is more about frost, ice, and snow, as the region is proud to be Santa's homeland.

Having celebrated Christmas in Santa Park, take the chance to stay in Lapland until the end of January and, perhaps, attend the Skabmagovat Film Festival. This is going to be a lovely addition to your Inari journey: the festival with the tricky name meaning "Polar Night Movies" enables you to watch the authentic films. The location is outstanding: together with the traditional cinema halls in Siida and Sajos, the guests may also see the Northern Lights Theatre, an open-air space built of snow.

Of course, most people come to Inari in order to see the spectacular light show with their own eyes. According to some sources, the breathtaking Northern Lights may shine here for more than half of the year. Thus, Lapland is all magic and it is totally up to you what to admire first and foremost: you may either stand still looking at the fantastic natural glow, encounter local culture, or breathe in pine-fresh scent nest to Inari Lake.

Best Things to Do in Inari, Finland

  • Find out more about the life of the Sami people
  • Spend time by the scenic Lake Inari
  • Take your chance to catch the Northern Lights
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