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About Lisbon

About Lisbon

What to See on Trips to Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal is the westernmost capital of mainland Europe with an unusual mix of the old and the new. Pay tribute to the town, standing on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, that is home to the world's most significant voyages and greatest explorers: Vasco da Gama, Magellan, and Prince Henry the Navigator.

Not only is Lisbon the picturesque capital of Portugal, but it also bears the title of Europe's second-oldest capital after Athens. What is more, Lisbon was the first actual "world" city - the head of an empire that spread over all continents, including South America and Asia.

Contemporary travelers will find a lot to discover in this spectacular city built on hills as its history falls thousands of years back. Incredible views open from every angle, and most of its streets possess monumental gems. Get lost in the city's white-bleached limestone buildings, intimate alleyways, parks, gardens, and easy-going charm.

Among the must-visits to put on your Lisbon itinerary is the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site and city-symbol, the Belem Tower.

This iconic fortress structure dates back to the early 1500s and played an important role during the Discoveries Age. Those interested in the topic should also save some time for the massive Monument to the Discoveries (Padrão dos Descobrimentos) and the adjacent square, adorned by a huge tile map.

One more place not to miss during Lisbon tours is the Jeronimos Monastery, a unique example of Portuguese architecture and an often visited place in the city. As for other religious monuments, the Lisbon Cathedral, also called Se, is among the oldest dating buildings in the capital worth visiting.

For some astonishing views, make sure to check out the Cristo Rei which is similar to the Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro, this 100-meter tall statue stands on the opposite bank of the Tejo River from downtown Lisbon. Last but not least, stop by the Ponte Vasco da Gama, the longest bridge in Europe, that will be a cherry on top of your Portugal trip.

Planning a visit to Portugal is only the first step on the way to explore the gorgeousness of this country so that make sure to check the most fabulous tours from Lisbon to continue your journey of dream.

Best Things to Do on Your Lisbon Vacation

  • Experience the beauty of the Lisbon Old Town with its charming pastel-colored buildings
  • Take a ride on the famous yellow tram to the famous district Belem and enjoy its numerous attractions
  • Immerse in the heritage of the Great Explorers by visiting the Padrao Monument
  • Attend a performance of traditional Portuguese Fado
Best Tours to Lisbon
Top Attractions in Lisbon

Top Attractions in Lisbon

Belem Quarter, Lisbon

The authentic Belem Quarter is a must while in Lisbon, providing numerous opportunities for active exploring and leisurely activities likewise.

Cascais, Portugal

Lovely Cascais is a petite Portuguese coastal town and the most westerly point on mainland Europe, located a mere 20 miles west of Lisbon.

Sintra, Portugal

Visit Sintra, a picturesque Portuguese town spangled with royal estates, gorgeous parks, and castles such as the famous Pena Palace.

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All Attractions in Lisbon

All Attractions in Lisbon

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