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Explore Artwork at the Hermitage Museum

Marvel at the one-of-a-kind collection in the marvelous Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg. Displaying artwork in several interconnected buildings, it is the second-largest museum in the world, for which one visit is usually not enough. However, on your guided tour, you'll be led by a professional guide to enjoy some of the main collections in the museum, including pieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Francisco Goya.

Did you know that if you spend a minute by each of the artifacts displayed in the Hermitage, you'd spend 11 years exploring it all? Popular among artists and tourists likewise, the museum boasts nearly three million exhibits of European, Oriental, Russian art, and more.

Bear in mind that large bags, umbrellas, and liquids in containers of any kind, including bottled drinks, are not allowed in the museum.

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Disclaimer: Some details are subject to change, depending on the tour of your choice.