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Ride the Moscow Subway

Commute with the locals on the unique subway in Moscow. Exceptional in the architecture of the stations, it is an everyday scenery for locals but a one-of-a-kind cultural heritage landmark for visitors to discover. Take a short ride to explore some of the most beautiful metro stations in the city and marvel at its elaborate decor.

Dating back to 1935, the metro system was established by Stalin who had a vision of palace-like metro stations. Upon opening, the system consisted of 13 splendid stops, each of which had a unique design, often depicting fragments of Russian history. One of the main ones, the Revolution Square Station, boasts life-size sculptures of people of the nation, including a statue with a dog. While on the site, make sure to rub its nose, as it is believed to bring good luck!

Bear in mind that the Moscow subway might be crowded as it is among the biggest metro systems in the world, thus keep an eye on your belongings while traveling.

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