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Things to see on the Dam Square

Visiting the Dam Square is a crucial part of any Amsterdam tour. Encircled by numerous authentic buildings, the square is built upon what was once a dam in the very heart of the city.

Royal Palace

Attracting a growing number of visitors each year, the Dam Square is dominated by the neoclassical Royal Palace dating back to the 17th century. As a matter of fact, the former City Hall was made into a Royal Palace for Napoleon and the square itself was named after him for a while as well. However, the city council eventually got the building back, and it became the residence of the Dutch Royal family. Currently, the Royal Palace is open as a museum, thus don't miss the chance to explore the unique exhibitions while visiting the site.

Nieuwe Kerk

Another imposing building worth paying a visit to while strolling around the square is Nieuwe Kerk, also known as the New Church. Rebuilt after a fire in the 17th century, the Gothic monument is now used as a venue for ceremonies of the Royal Family.

National Monument

In addition to that, make sure to also stop by the National Monument commemorating the casualties of WWII. The significant landmark features 12 urns with the soil from the burial grounds and places of execution of the victims.

The Dam Square is a hub of tourist attractions, historical monuments, and lively culture, an absolute must-visit while in Amsterdam!

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