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Uglich, Russia

Uglich is a magnificent historic town located on the banks of Volga River in the Yaroslavl region. The Golden Ring city is almost 1000 years old and was the setting of many important events in history.

During the reign of Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century, Uglich prospered both politically and economically. Yet after the Tsar's death, Dmitry Ivanovich whis youngest son was sent into exile to Uglich in 1584 leading to the most renown event in the city's history.

On May 15, 1591 the 10-year-old prince was found dead with his throat cut in the palace courtyard. Since he was the last descendant of the Rurik Dynasty, his death put a start to Russia's political and dynastic crisis called the Time of Troubles.

Later the Romanov Tsars turned Uglich into a place of pilgrimage and built the Church of St. Dmitry-on-Blood in 1690 on the place where the prince was killed. The church still stands today and is well recognized by its red walls and blue domes.

Among the town's other highlights are the Kremlin of Uglich, the 17th-century Alexeievsky and Resurrection monasteries, and the Uglich Dam.

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Uglich, Russia

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Uglich, Russia

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