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Why Visit The St Pierre Cathedral in Switzerland

Located in the heart of Geneva, St Pierre Cathedral attracts thousands of travelers with its beauty and splendor. The construction of one of the main Geneva attractions began in 1160 and lasted almost a hundred years. The cathedral has excellent acoustics, making it a venue for classical music concerts and opera or spiritual singing.

The architecture of the St Pierre Cathedral

Initially, the incredible Geneva Cathedral was built in the Romanesque style, but after several reconstructions, Gothic elements were added. The main building of the temple has a length of 64 meters, in the side aisles, there are huge stone blocks - tombstones of church dignitaries of the XV-XVI centuries. After that, the North and South Towers were built, which you can climb up the spiral staircase and admire the breathtaking views of Geneva from the observation deck.

Interior design

It has an old, spacious, and rather modest interior, accentuated by glittering candles on chandeliers, illuminating icons, with several rows of benches and several chapels.

St Pierre Cathedral and Archaeological Museum

After visiting St. Peter's Cathedral, do not forget to look at the archaeological museum, which is located right behind the church building.

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