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Barcelona, Spain

Pablo Picasso and Gaudi, a mixture of what is Spanish and Catalan, of modernity and history: all harmonize and describe Barcelona, the city that has always strived to be modern,to follow the latest world tendencies or even be ahead of them.

Barcelona is rich in history and architecture and encompasses monuments of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance periods. The Gothic Quarter is one of the oldest and most interesting parts of town. At Plaza del Rei are the world-famous Gothic cathedral and medieval palaces.

Dissolve in the miraculous center of Barcelona built between 1870 and 1936. Planned by architect Cerdá, who wanted to create an luxurious district for the bourgeoisie and enlarged the city 5 times its original size, the city center has streets that all cross rectangularly.

Experience the city’s modernist style, the most prominent exponent of which was genius Gaudí. His legacy and the best known monuments in El Ensanche are the magnificent Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà and Casa Batlló, as well as Park Güell and Palacio Güell - all masterpieces of modernistic style.

All in all, Barcelona offers great diversity: in the morning visit sites such as the Picasso and Miro museums and in the afternoon relax at the beaches that are just a short stroll from the city center. Enjoy tapas - small dishes that are shared amongst all people of your dinner party, don’t forget to try Vermouth and Sangria wine.

Take a trip one hour north of Barcelona to its vineyards, where you can experience genuine tranquility and beauty of nature. For all night fun, join one of the beachside bars and nightclubs until the morning hours.

Popular sites we recommend are:

Visit Barcelona - the city that has the quintessential European cultural experience juxtaposed with beaming sunshine and pristine beaches.

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Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona, Spain

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