Electricity Plugs in Russia

Electricity Plugs in Russia

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Wherever you travel, you bring your electronic devices, and it would be a shame if you realize that you cannot charge it because the plug is different than you expected. Hence, we would like to help you prepare for your trip to Russia with a guide about electricity plugs. 

Electricity & Russia Power Adapters

Before you start your trip, it is obligatory to know that there are European outlets in Russia. The Russian electric plug is designed for devices with two round plugs. Thus it is useful to have 110 volts to 220-volt Russian plug adapters or outlet converters with you if the standard voltage in your country is somewhere between 100V-127V (which is common in the USA and Canada). Of course, it’s possible to buy it upon arrival, but we recommend to purchase one beforehand so that you can avoid inconvenience and enjoy your trip without any unnecessary stress.

Plugs For Travel

In case the outlet voltage in your country is in the 220V-240V range, you are welcome to use your equipment to charge the gadgets during your stay the same way you usually do. But be careful, the standard frequency in Russia’s electric plugs is 50 Hz, so it’s a good idea to make sure that your devices can handle this frequency before charging.

As an option, many travelers choose to take power banks overseas with them for added convenience too.

To sum up, purchase a Russian plug adapter or outlet converter in anticipation of your trip, and rest assured knowing that all your devices will be charged!

In Russia, you will need 110 volt to 220 volt Russian plug adapters.