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Denmark is often placed among the world's happiest and most prosperous countries. But is it a really happy smiling face that first pops in your mind when you hear the word "Denmark"? Maybe it's the Vikings? Colorful Lego bricks or houses? Could it be licorice or bikes?

Denmark boasts a variety of landscapes, sophisticated and charming old towns, fascinating geological formations, many famous figures, and one-of-a-kind lifestyle. Yes, it is a happy place, but also and interesting, charming, and very unique one! We decided to name a few more things that Denmark is associated with, which you might expect to meet or feel on your Denmark tour. We are sure, some of these points will surprise you!

But before we jump to listing things Denmark is famous for, let us quickly remind you where to look for this travelers' paradise and share a few interesting facts about Denmark that will be useful for first-time travelers.

Useful Denmark Facts

Wonder where is Denmark located? It is situated in Northern Europe and consists of the Jutland Peninsula and some bigger islands: Zealand, Funen, Falster, Bornholm... Well, we will only name the four biggest ones for this time, as there are more than 400 other islands!

Not sure whether is Denmark in the EU? Let us clarify that it has been a member of the European Union since 1973, so it is very easy to travel to. We even compiled a handy list of top 10 Denmark experiences to make it even simpler. Plus, you can see what the Denmark flag looks like on the right.

Thinking what is the Denmark currency? Keep in mind that the Denmark money in circulation is the Danish Krone (DKK), so fill your wallet with local currency, Krones, not Euros.

Interested what is the population of Denmark? Or what are Danes like? The current Denmark population is 5,770,906 (2019, April). So when on your trip, you will meet many helpful and trusting people, because that's how Danes are! You will quickly learn that the locals are open-minded, bright, polite, and know how to make jokes! Humor is an integral part of their culture. Of course, every nation has its stereotypes and things they are associated with the most. Denmark is no different. We hope you will soon visit this welcoming country and see for yourself what is true and what is not!

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Quick Denmark Facts

  • Location: Northern Europe, Jutland Peninsula
  • Biggest islands: Zealand, Funen, Falster, Bornholm
  • No. Islands: Over 400
  • Population: 5,770,906 (2019, April)
  • Currency: Dansh Krone (DKK)
  • Member of EU: since 1973

1. Mysterious Vikings

Some people believe that Danes are as strong as Vikings, and that is the first association with them. We cannot prove them right or wrong but can state for the fact that Denmark is a perfect place to get a taste of the old Viking culture.

You don't need to spend much time in Denmark to feel that it is indeed the spiritual and historical home of these legendary warriors, craftsmen, and traders.

Denmark Vikings

Denmark is scattered with various museums of Vikings where you can go back to medieval times, see burial sites and impressive ring fortresses. Want to take a ride with a real Viking ship during your Denmark trip? Even that is possible, just go to Roskilde!

You can also meet Vikings from all over the world in one of the many festivals in Denmark. Here you can read more about the most famous Viking festivals in Denmark.

2. The Local Way of Living - Denmark Hygge

We are sure that some of you have come across a certain Danish concept hygge. It is hard to explain and even harder to pronounce "hoo-gah", but it is definitely worth adding some hygge in your daily life.

The Oxford dictionary added the word in June 2017. It refers to a form of everyday togetherness, coziness, the ability to recognize and enjoy your presence. So if the question of what are Denmark people like is one that interests you, this concept pretty much gives a rightful answer.

In simple words, hygge encourages us to make the ordinary special and to indulge in all the good things around us. It might be a simple pleasure such as eating something that you love or spending time with your family and friends, even something as simple as lighting candles or buying flowers.

What is Hygge?
It describes a feeling of everyday togetherness, coziness, and the ability to recognize and enjoy your presence.

3. What is Denmark famous for? Insulin, Google Maps, wind power, yeast...?

Those who love science will know that it was not only LEGO that Danes can take credit for inventing. Danes contributed to medical research that led to the discovery of insulin and are real leaders in innovation in the field of wind power!

But that's not all, did you know that an initial map of Google Maps was built by two Danish brothers? Or that Danes contributed to the invention of the loudspeaker and Bluetooth?

We can also thank Danes for quality beer, as they revolutionized the brewing industry by inventing the "purifying" yeast. And Danes invented Carlsberg as well as Tuborg beer. There are so many things Danes are famous for, right?

4. Salty Licorice - The Most Favorite Treat

One of the favorite Danish treats is a salty candy called licorice ("lakrids")! Yes, the same black candy, that many of us leave behind.

Danish licorice is very salty, so it is often quite off-putting, especially if you try it for the first time. But it is definitely one of the most favorable candies in Denmark!

Salty licorice

While there, you can find licorice ice cream, biscuits, cupcakes, porridge, cocktails, even licorice flavored salt! We are not surprised that they even have a festival to celebrate it!

If you haven't tried it yet, you definitely should, the flavor is very specific and hard to put into words.

5. Hans Christian Andersen

Did you know that the enchanting stories of The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, The Little Match Girl, The Princess and the Pea, and The Snow Queen were written by a Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen?

Some of us might not know his origin but there is no doubt that his works are now famous around the world. There is even a festival where you can experience the universe of this famous author! It takes place in late August every year in his hometown, Odense.

Check the next event here and learn more about this Danish master of the literary fairy tale.

H.C. Andersen' fairytales you should read:

  • The Little Mermaid
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • The Emperor's New Clothes
  • The Little Match Girl

6. Lego & Colorful Crooked Houses

Lego, the world's most famous brick, was invented in Denmark, and a small Danish town called Billund is said to be its birthplace.

If Lego isn't something that pops into your head when you think of Denmark, it will sure do once you visit this town! Here you will find the very first Legoland and could step into the impressive Lego House. If you plan your trip to Southern Denmark, don't miss out on this colorful and forever young place.

Denmark Lego

Not only Lego bricks but also Danish towns are colorful! When we think of them, houses from pink to blue to yellow jump into our minds. Want to walk in the most iconic and colorful places in Denmark? Add Copenhagen's Nyhavn to your Denmark tour! It is packed with history and the most color-rich unusual houses.

7. Bicycle Culture & Carrots

The cycling culture is very strong in Denmark, and if you love to ride too, this country could be just the right place for you.

Denmark Bikes

It is not just a cheap exercise! Bikes are an important part of the locals' everyday life in Denmark and it is one of the nations in the world with the most cyclists. Even on a cold winter's day, you see many Danes using their bikes. Copenhagen is even called the capital of bikes!

Wonder what carrots and bikes have in common? They are everywhere! Danes eat carrots like candy: raw or marinated, shredded, diced or simply sliced! You will notice Danes eating them at any time of day.

8. Hot Dogs & Pork

Denmark is a perfect place to find the tastiest and weirdest quality hot-dogs in the world. Want a hotdog with blackberries, artichokes, with bell peppers and spicy mayo, foie gras, truffles? Organic or just a simple French hot dog?

It's not a problem in Denmark, you can find hot dog vans anywhere in the city. It is a very typical fast food in Denmark, and if you have been to Copenhagen at least once, we are sure you have noticed it too.

We won't be surprised if some would say that Denmark is known for eating lots of pork as well. That would be very true, as Fried pork ("Flæskesteg") is Denmark's national dish, and pork is Denmark's most popular meat.

9. The Royal Family

Not everyone knows that Fried pork is a national Dish of Denmark but many have heard of the Danish Royal Family.

It has existed for more than 1000 years and is claimed to be one of the oldest monarchies in the world! The Danish Monarchy is very loved, and it's enough to spend a few days to notice its importance.

Danish Royal Family

If you want to get a taste of Danish royal history yourself, the best place for that is Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.

If you plan your visit around noon, you will see the changing of The Royal Danish Life Guards!

10. Magical Tivoli Gardens

In our blog post of top 10 Denmark Experiences, we wrote about the famous Tivoli Gardens. It is one of the oldest and well-known amusement parks.

It opened its doors in 1843 and still has a wooden roller coaster. We suggest all of Denmark's visitors go to this place.

Tivoli Gardens

The Tivoli Gardens are a real fairytale, with lush gardens, and a magical amusement park set in the heart of the city. No wonder Walt Disney traveled there for inspiration! And we are sure that our professional guides will introduce you to many more famous highlights of this beautiful country that'll inspire you too!

Denmark is often placed among the world's happiest and most prosperous countries. But is it really a happy smiling face that first pops in your mind when you hear the word "Denmark"? Maybe it's the Vikings? Colorful Lego bricks, or licorice, or bikes? Whatever it is, we encourage you to visit Denmark and experience it first-hand.