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Distant and mysterious, ancient and unique, Morocco has always attracted travelers from all over the world. This enigmatic destination gives the inspiration to set off on adventures, inviting to explore its culture, ancient medinas, and endless deserts. Here are the top 5 reasons why to travel to Morocco.

Traverse Ancient Medinas

Morocco boasts a rich history, made up of over a thousand years of unrepeatable and plentiful tradition. Many of its secrets are hidden in the walls of ancient medinas, such as those of Marrakesh or Fes. Unlike other buzzing parts of modern Moroccan cities, the medinas are car-free. For centuries locals have used cattle to transport colorful goods and aromatic spices to and from bustling marketplaces, and not much has changed since then.


Walk the narrow cobblestone streets, surrounded by rich-colored mosaics decorating walls of buildings that hold riads with courtyards, petite shops, and cafes, while the medinas take you back in time, enveloping you with a unique medieval atmosphere, traced in the preserved Moroccan style of everyday life.

Feel the Hypnotizing Culture

There are many ways to enjoy this alluring country, and getting an insight into its culture is one of them. When traveling to Morocco, you can encounter street performers, who upswing the imagination of viewers and listeners.


Heart-thumping cobra taming, magic tricks, dancing, and music, which have always been intrinsic parts of local culture, are just among the few things you may see in Morocco.

If you are a true connoisseur of Moroccan culture, then here you can learn more about the subtleties of life in Morocco, its traditions and cultural aspects.

Diverse as Moroccans are themselves, the rhythmic beats, sounds of percussion instruments and the three-stringed sintirs accompany the tempo of the hot desert towns as you discover them.

Must-Sees in Morocco:

  • See heart-thumping cobra taming
  • Spend a night in Sahara Desert camp
  • Admire Atlas Mountains
  • Enjoy traditional dinner
  • Soak into magic tricks
  • See traditional dancing & music

Flavor Unique Things at Markets

Markets are a fundamental part of Moroccan life. At times they are even described as the country's soul. You can find numerous arts and crafts and unique objects in the bustling open-air marketplaces called souks.


The goods on sale are mostly handmade, from clay pottery with exquisite mosaic designs to musical instruments, carpets, fabrics, shawls, and shoes, to spices, various fruit, and sweets.

During travel to Morocco make sure not to miss out on the interesting cultural phenomenon of leather dying. Seeing how various things are made of leather in Morocco is a must-do, as hides are carefully processed in accordance with centuries-old technologies and dyed in traditional tanneries consisting of stone vessels filled with different shades of dyes.

Immerse in the Sahara Desert

Since time immoral globetrotters have crossed the timeless Sahara Desert, forming the integral image of Morocco.

For centuries, sturdy camels have served voyagers as lifeboats out in the endless sea of sand, making riding a camel as part of a camel caravan in the Sahara an unmissable experience.


Prepare to be enveloped with mesmerizing landscapes of apricot-colored sand dunes and deceptive images of sparkling water somewhere on the horizon as you move at a soothing pace, cooled by the breeze. After sundown camp out in the desert in special traditional tents as an essential continuation of the genuine camel adventure.

Fall in Love With the Best Cities in Morocco

Moroccan cities have character, their alluring streets tell their own story, waiting to be rediscovered by travelers. The chapters of the thousand-year-old biography of the Red City of Marrakech are shown in its sandstone buildings, markets, gardens and mosques. Fes depicts its tale in the tempting old medina, ancient streets, tombs and carved mosaics. Moreover, Fes can be proud of its meals, considered one of the best places to try Traditional Food in Morocco.


The golden beaches of Casablanca, which is set on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, tell the story of a cultural melting pot and its biggest pride, the Hassan II Mosque, often called one of the treasures of Morocco. The pages of the historic imperial city and capital of Morocco - Rabat show the legacy of its past mixed with the best traditions of the present.

Petite Essaouira can always be recognized by its cover - charming white and blue doors and windows are an unmistakable image of the once Portuguese fortress and the Moroccan trade hub and port city it is today.

Must-Visit Cities:

  • Marrakech
  • Fes
  • Casablanca
  • Essaouira

Let Morocco steal your heart as you uncover the precious wonders of its multi-sided cities, unveil the secrets of the medinas, and enjoy the captivating pace of the Sahara as you traverse the desert on a camel caravan during our all-embracing tours to Morocco.