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Why Visit Abisko, Sweden

Exploring Abisko in the Swedish Lapland is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind experience. The village is surrounded by jaw-droppingly beautiful sceneries and massive mountains, making it one of the most picturesque places in the country. It provides with astonishing views of the Northern Lights as well and even the possibility of dog sledding! An Abisko tour is one full of unforgettable moments and adventures for sure.

One of the highlights of Abisko travel is Aurora spotting as the location is known to have clear nights that are perfect for the activity. Seeing the colorful Northern Lights hanging over the mountainous landscape is something truly magical, especially when it reflects on the surface of the calm water or glistening ice. It can actually be witnessed in Abisko as it is located by the Lake Tornetrask; therefore, don't miss your chance to see it since it might be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity!

Another awe-inspiring activity in the area is exploring the Abisko National Park. It is home to the luscious Abiskodalen Valley crossed by the Abiskojakka River, as well as flowery Mount Njulla, making it the perfect jaunt for nature lovers likewise people simply seeking a moment of peace.

The beautiful Lapporten Valley nearby the park is also worth noting down on your Abisko itinerary. The beautiful area provides with numerous fun pursuits and leisurely activities, the main one being hiking. Even though this outdoor pastime is popular in numerous locations across the country, the King's Trail passing nearby Abisko offers spectacular views of Swedish Lapland which are remarkable.

Enjoy the flora and fresh air of the mountains or simply stroll around the village admiring the landscapes, Abisko sightseeing is perfect for it all. Don't waste your time sitting in the concrete jungle and change the boring setting to a spectacular show of the Northern Lights.

Abisko, Sweden Northern Lights Tour Gems

  • Watch the colorful natural light show of Aurora
  • Explore the Abisko National Park
  • Enjoy the nortern nature of the Swedish Lapland
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