7 Must-See Places in Sweden


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Sweden is indeed a paradise for vacations and tourism. This amazing land combines a rich variety of natural and cultural facilities. Here you will definitely find a place for your soul and new inspiration for your mind. 

Swedish Lapland

For those who enjoy the everlasting peace and beauty of silent sleeping nature, the province of Lapland will become a great reward.



Located in Northern Sweden, which is not an easily reachable destination, it is definitely worth visiting! Swedish Lapland is a place of high interest, not only in Sweden. The whole world in search of wild and cold power comes here to appreciate its magnificence and splendor.

Traveling by sled with huskies pulling your vehicle across the Arctic Circle and viewing the northern sky shining blue and green… Lapland is truly an ideal getaway.

This center of arctic life is an embodiment of the heartland of Europe’s last wilderness and freedom.



Lapland welcomes you at any time. Winters are long, cold, but dry and amazingly beautiful here. There is no better place to watch the Northern Lights in winter or the Midnight Sun in summer. The summer is very sunny and usually warm. Lapland has great conditions for skiing and other sports due to its rich landscape resources. All of the mentioned above makes the province a necessary place to visit in Sweden. As a highlight of your trip, you can choose to stay in the famous IceHotel – a hotel built entirely of ice and snow with a whole range of Scandinavian cultural peculiarities

Did you know?
The number of huskies in some areas of Swedish Lapland may be greater than the number of humans.

Gotland [MAP]

Gotland is a charming Swedish island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. This is really a Sweden place to visit #1 for admirers of medieval architecture and Scandinavian culture.


This land is one of Sweden’s richest historical regions, with around 100 medieval churches and countless prehistoric attractions. Here you can enjoy the amazing sites of Visby, a medieval walled town, a part of UNESCO World Heritage. It is also widely known for its distinguishing natural beauty that strongly differs from the continental.

Gotland is a well-known destination for summer rest, popular for its sandy beaches and small fishing villages. All of these, along with diverse cultural life, exceptional atmosphere, and best cuisine spots, make the island one of Sweden's top places for rest and tourism.

Did you know?
Gotland's smallest community is Sundre with 25 residents. You can find it on the southernmost point of the island.

Malmo [MAP]

The city of Malmö is one of the most significant places in Sweden. An ultra-modern city with considerable historical meaning has everything to astonish its visitors. Connected to Copenhagen through the longest bridge in Europe, the Öresund Bridge, Malmö is to give you a progressive contemporary feeling with its tallest building in the whole of Scandinavia, modern art museums, and some delicious cuisine specialties. This is definitely a place to explore and a place to enjoy.

Malmo city

Malmö’s population includes about 150 nationalities. The phenomenon of a multicultural society has found its reflection in the architecture and lifestyle of the city. Here you’ll find Italian cafes along with Middle Eastern street stalls framed in Nordic surroundings. A good choice of high-quality restaurants and cafés, cultural attractions, and impressive shopping abilities (especially Swedish design-ware) make Malmö a great place to visit.

Gothenburg Archipelego [MAP]

Famous for its eye-catching sceneries and romantic atmosphere, Gothenburg Archipelago is a favorite place to visit Sweden for loving couples. Consisting of 20 islands, each of them with its own unique characteristics, Gothenburg is one of the most popular Sweden tours ideals for those who love to explore new destinations at a leisurely pace as you move primarily on foot, by boat, or bike.

Gothenburg church

This is also a great place to visit for those who love sea-fishing. Come here by tram or by boat, make a long walk along with the islands which stretch into the sea next to the big city’s coastline, and spend a few hours enjoying the calmness of beautiful islands far away from city life.

Or hire a bicycle and take pleasure in the archipelago's silence and freedom discovering charming landscapes with small fishing coves and red wooden houses. Lots of other activities like seal safaris and boat excursions are available here.

Gothenburg Archipelago Fact
With over 20 islands dotting Sweden's western coast, the Gothenburg Archipelago provides a peaceful respite from city life. It is easy to explore many of the islands on a day trip from Gothenburg.

Uppsala [MAP]

Uppsala is one of the biggest cities in Sweden, that combines modern architecture and lifestyle with ancient traditions and structures. It is rich in historical and cultural attractions, which makes it one of the TOP 10 places to visit in Sweden.

Rated as a students’ city for its iconic Uppsala University that is the oldest center of higher education in Scandinavia, Uppsala is a real magnet for young people from all over the world.


It is an excellent place for getting a deep insight into the cultural heritage of the region. Start with a visit to one of its numerous museums with a wide range of different expositions and excursions and continue exploring Viking history and religious heritage of the past with great baroque architecture and Scandinavia’s largest Uppsala Cathedral.

For admirers of nature and open-air rest, Uppsala also has a treat. Enjoy numerous parks and gardens of Uppsala or experience nature in its cultural aspect walking over marvelous little villages in the outskirts of the city. In addition, Uppsala has the best bar and restaurant proposal in Sweden, as well as great opportunities for shopping, fests, and fun for individual and family recreation.

Did you know?
The Celsius scale for temperature was invented in Uppsala.

Dalarna [MAP]

With its rich natural landscapes, the beautiful province of Dalarna is one of the most favorite resorts in Central Sweden among locals and travelers from all over the world. Thick woods, picturesque mountains, and crystal clear lakes make Dalarna one of the essential places to visit.

Moreover, this province is full of historical characteristics of the nation, a cradle of different language dialects, and a home to famous Dala Horses – a national folk symbol of Swedish art culture since the XVIII century. The relaxed atmosphere of Dalarna provides all the necessary conditions for excellent vacations.


The traditional town architecture of cozy red cottages and farmsteads brings everyone back to the old times of skillful craftsmen and a leisurely lifestyle. In summer tourists enjoy festival celebrations and dances held in villages and in the larger cities. In winter the mountainous part of the province makes a popular resort for skiing and other winter sports. But what makes this place a real paradise for all sports lovers are excellent opportunities for cycling that is among the greatest tourist attractions in Sweden.

It doesn’t matter what type of riding you prefer - long relaxed or thrilling road tours through the forests and mountain trails - you’ll definitely get only the most positive impressions.

What is Dalarna famous for?
Located in central Sweden, Dalarna County leaves little to be desired. In the winter, it transforms into skiing and skating terrain thanks to its hiking-friendly forests, mighty lakes, mountains and flower meadows. Dalarna has been dubbed “miniature Sweden” because of its all-encompassing landscapes.

Norrbotten [MAP]

The biggest province of Sweden, Norrbotten, is a particular and unique part of the country.

It is located in the northern part, so when going to the North from here, you can easily cross the Arctic Circle line.


Take a wildlife tour to the fairy forests in a group or privately, enjoy majestic Swedish farmlands near the border with Finland, visit the country’s most beautiful and unusual church Kiruna Kyrka, see diverse exhibitions at the Museum of Norrbotten, and buy some traditional souvenirs to remember the travel.

No doubts, a trip to Norrbotten will give you one of the best insights into the diverse and original lifestyle of Northern Sweden.

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Norrbotten Fact:
Norrbotten is the biggest and northernmost county in Sweden and the only Swedish county sharing a land border with two countries – Norway and Finland.

Karlstad [MAP]

Karlstad is located in the southwest-central region of Sweden, on the island of Tingvalla, on the northern shores of Lake Vänern, below the mouth of the Klar River. It is the capital of the län (county) of Värmland.

Karlstad was nearly completely destroyed by fire in 1865, but it was rebuilt on a modern foundation, with wide avenues and large parks.

Among those old structures, only a couple date from that period, such as the East Bridge (1761–70) that crosses the Klar with its impressive 13 arches.


Quick Karlstad Facts

  • In Karlstad, the symbol of the city is a smiling sun and is often associated with sunshine
  • Karlstad saw the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905
  • According to the 2015 census, the population of Karlstad is about 61,492
  • Karlstad literally translates as Charles' city, and the name of the city derives from the king.

Vasteras [MAP]

Vasteras is a city in eastern Sweden west-northwest of Stockholm. Founded before 1000, this Swedish city was an important medieval city and an important center of the Swedish Reformation.

By the beginning of the Middle Ages, it was already a market center and a bishopric, and it was first called Aros ("River Mouth") and later Västra ("West") Aros.

It does not take long to get to Vassteras from Stockholm, as it is just a train ride from Stockholm Central Station, which takes less than an hour.


Lund [MAP]

Sweden's third-largest city is a safe place to live with the healthiest and most young population in the country. Lund has been voted the best place to live in Sweden on a regular basis.

Known as one of Sweden's oldest cities, dating back to 990 AD, Lund is a city full of contrasts, where 1 000 years of history combined with modern knowledge and ideas.

In Lund, you can enjoy the charms of a small picturesque city with cobblestone streets, but at the same time take advantage of big-city amenities, such as shopping, restaurants, and cultural events.


Lund Fact:
Lund was accidentally bombed by a British aircraft during the Second World War, and no deaths were reported as a result.

As you can see Sweden is a diverse and fascinating country that has something for everyone from excellent opportunities for winter activities to amazing cultural and historical heritage to extremely original modern architecture and finger-licking cuisine. Choose the most interesting destination for you and we will do our best to organize your seamless and memorable tour to Sweden.