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Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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About Heraklion

About Heraklion

Discover the Charm of Heraklion, Crete

Located in the Mediterranean region, Heraklion is the biggest city on the Island of Crete and one of the most enchanting ones as well. It might not be the picture-perfect island town you might envision, however, its bustling lifestyle, amicable people, and unique surroundings, blending several architectural styles, will undoubtedly make you fall in love with the place.

Due to its history, Heraklion boasts features specific of Byzantine, Venetian, and Turkish architecture. Wandering the streets of the vibrant city, you'll encounter fountains, squares, and landmarks telling the stories of the eventful past. Some of the main ones to add to your Heraklion itinerary include the Byzantine Church of Aghios Titos, the Koules Castle (built by the Venetians), and the authentic Turkish Charity Fountain which is now actually open as a cafe!

A crucial part of any Heraklion tour is exploring the old town. Encircled by fortified walls, featuring the Martinengo Bastion, it offers numerous picturesque squares and monuments to discover. Make sure to stroll around the narrow streets to find the Kornaros and the Lions' Squares, admired by travelers and locals likewise, as well as the marvelous Heraklion Loggia, the City Hall of the city.

After visiting the old town, travel along the lively 25 Avgoustou Street, leading you through charming shops, cafes and quaint buildings. The street extends to the scenic port, another must-see on Heraklion travel, where you can admire the harbor or stroll around the waterfront enjoying the view. What is more, the city provides numerous museums to explore, such as the Historical Museum of Crete, the Museum of Natural History, and more.

In addition to that, it also features endless possibilities to taste the local cuisine with restaurants serving meze, sarikopitakia, and other delicacies specific of the Crete region.

Did you know that Heraklion also boasts plenty of possibilities for day trips? Strategically situated amid numerous ancient sites, it is a great starting point for further exploration, such as visiting the Knossos Palace. The archeological site has been the center of the Minoan civilization and features some of the oldest examples of urban development, including temples, storehouses, a marvelous fresco-decorated palace and more.

Top Things To Do in Heraklion, Greece

  • Explore the vibrant old town of the city
  • Stroll around the scenic port and take in the views
  • Delve deeper into the history of the area in numerous museums
  • Save some time for visiting the Knossos Palace

Shy on the outside, Heraklion has plenty to offer once you delve deeper into its customs, history and lovely sites all over the city.

All Attractions in Heraklion

All Attractions in Heraklion

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