Money in Norway


Not sure which method of payment to use when in Norway? Learn more about the Norwegian currency and popular ways to pay during your vacation, and more.


Money in Norway
Tipping in Norway
Traveling overseas, you'll surely come across the question of should I tip in Norway? And if "yes", how much money would be regarded as a fair tip? In this piece we share information on Norway's tipping etiquette.
Money in Norway
If you're wondering what's Norway's currency the answer is not Euros. Actually, Norway still hasn't joined the euro area, having its own national currency, called the Norwegian krone.
ATMs in Norway
As Norway goes almost cashless, you are surely to come across an ATM machine everywhere during the whole trip. Yes, you got it right, everywhere. Even in most rural areas of the country, there should be at least one point available, for instance, a petrol station, where you will be able to withdraw money.
Money in Norway: Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Cash?
Although the name of the currency for Norway, the Norwegian krone, is translated as "a crown", recently cash has been overthrown form the leading positions of payment. Of course, having some cash with you, just in case, is a wise idea but still, you’ll probably be glad to know that most places easily accept debit and credit cards.