ATMs in Russia

ATMs in Russia

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Before traveling to your chosen country, it is essential to check its currency and have some cash with yourself. If you plan to visit Russia, there is useful information about Russian Money & ATMs.

Russian Money & ATMs

Rubles are Russia's national currency, and although you probably won't be able to exchange money to rubles in your home country before you leave, you shouldn't worry, as it is possible to withdraw dollars, euros, and rubles from your debit card in almost all of the local ATMs.

Too many credit cards won't be necessary, and we advise bringing cash, which can be exchanged for Russian money in banks, as well as debit cards, which are accepted in most stores and restaurants. Russian cities have pretty good ATM networks, located in and near banks, in big shopping centers and tourist areas. For example, in Moscow, Alfa-Bank even created a special ATM map based on the local metro system.

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Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that the option of switching languages to English is usually provided in ATMs, so you can withdraw Russian Rubbles without any difficulties. Remember that if you want to make a withdrawal in a Russian ATM, you may be charged fees. To get a chance for free withdrawals it’s better to know whether you can find a department or a partner of your bank on the spot. So please check this information in advance.

We also would like to pay your attention that to use ATMs in Russia, your card PIN is required. If you use a card with a 4 digit PIN (which is typical for the UK, Australia, and Europe), it perfectly works in Russia as well. If you usually don’t use one, before your trip, we kindly recommend contacting your home bank to check all the details.

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While traveling to Russia, please keep in mind that if you are planning to use a train or ship, you won’t find any ATMs onboard, so you should care about having some cash in advance. To be on the safe side, have 3000 - 10000 rubles in cash on you.

ATM in Russia:
Russian cities have pretty good ATM networks, located in and near banks, in big shopping centers and tourist areas.

To sum up, before enjoying your Russian vacation, there are always some things to do, including exchanging money. It's easy to use ATMs in the biggest cities, but you might need to have cash in the smaller ones. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.