Norway Cuisine: Food & Drinks


Interested in Norwegian cuisine? Want to learn more about the traditional gastronomy? Learn more about local food and drinks to taste during your tour to Norway.


Norway Cuisine: Food & Drinks
Norway Dishes
It's no secret that exotic cuisine stands as one of the reasons why travelers visit foreign countries. Norwegian cuisine can be a real discovery in terms of unusual and non-conventional dishes. Despite harsh climatic conditions and limited choice of local products, national Norwegian cuisine is quite original and unique. The main principles that Norwegians observe in their cooking is the freshness of ingredients and high nutritional value of food.
Norway Drinks
There’s no need to mention that today the most favorite drink of Norwegians is coffee and they drink it at any time of the day and in huge quantities. Apart from coffee, different kinds of tea, herbal and apple drinks with honey are popular thus are recommended to taste during your trip to Norway.