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Norway food to taste during your trip

It's no secret that exotic cuisine stands as one of the reasons why travelers visit foreign countries. Norwegian cuisine can be a real discovery in terms of unusual and non-conventional dishes. Despite harsh climatic conditions and limited choice of local products, national Norwegian cuisine is quite original and unique. The main principles that Norwegians observe in their cooking is the freshness of ingredients and high nutritional value of food.

Sea creatures

No doubts, the basis of Norwegian cuisine is fish and various seafood. Norwegians themselves prefer to eat cod. A very popular dish is dried cod, called ‘klipfisk’. Another fish that became popular far beyond Norway is herring. You can hardly imagine the whole variety of dishes in which herring is used. Salads, cold snacks, hot dishes, soups, fish pies... the list is almost endless.

However, the true Scandinavian classic is considered to be world-famous ‘lutefisk’. This delicacy contains dried fish (mainly cod) that is brined in lye, soaked and then steamed. Norwegians usually serve ‘lutefisk’ with boiled potatoes.

Meat delicacies

As for meat, it’s also common in Norwegian diet and common in Scandinavian food on the whole. Roast pork ribs, meatballs, mutton stew, various sausages make the cuisine more than nutritious. In addition, some of the Norwegian specialties have a very unusual serving. If it’s your first Norway trip, you may consider ‘smalahove’, fried sheep and mutton heads a bit extravagant. But traditions are traditions. Besides, Norwegians claim that it’s extremely delicious!

High cuisine in Norwegian restaurants values game. The most popular ones include reindeer, duck, moose, and ptarmigan. These delicacies are usually served with juniper berries or lingonberry sauces and are considered recipes of traditional Norwegian food.

Dairy products

Dairy products are in great demand in Norway as well. As for breakfast, many Norwegians eat goat cheese, which has a sharp specific smell. Basically, goat cheese varies by its taste and color: from light yellow to dark brown. Moreover, Norwegians put sour cream in many hot dishes, replacing other sauce.

Porridge, sir?

Another important ingredient of the local cuisine is cereals. The porridge is eaten at any time of the day, even on festive events. Norwegian dishes from cereals are offered in the majority of posh restaurants of Norway.

Norwegian desserts

Another gastronomic cult in Norway is pastry. Homemade cakes, pies, and buns are a part of traditional cuisine and a true paradise for visitors. So we are pretty sure you won’t be able to resist a temptation to taste Norwegian pastries like Oslo ‘kringles’ or sweet rolls ‘skoleboller’, especially if you're a sweet tooth.