Why Travel to Norway?

Travel to Norway

One of the Northernmost countries of the world, beautiful Norway definitely has a lot in store to offer. Being recognized as the happiest country in the world, Norway fascinates travelers with its charming postcard-like cities, the surreal scenery of majestic cliffs and snow-capped mountains towering crystal blue fjords and the entrancing Northern Lights.


Reasons to visit Norway:


1. Majestic Fjords

The first reason that makes Norway a dream destination for travelers from all over the world is, without a doubt, fjords. These natural masterpieces mesmerize with their untouched beauty, that’s why many tourists set off on boat trips or even on long fjord cruises to immerse into the wild and magnificent nature of the region from the waterside.

2. Wild Lofotens

Another reason that drags adventure lovers to these frosty lands are the Lofoten Islands. The archipelago is situated inside the Arctic Circle and has just incredible landscapes to explore.

Lofotens, Norway
Flamsbana Train

3. The World’s Most Beautiful Railway

Norway is home to the most scenic railroad in the world that connects Myrdal with the small village of Flam. Flamsbana Railway provides a dramatic and breathtaking train ride with extraterrestrial landscapes among majestic mountains covered with thick forests, sharp cliffs with turbulent waterfalls and the largest fjord in Norway, Sognefjord.

4. Outstanding Heritage

The Kingdom of Norway captivates travelers with its historical past, shrouded in myths about brave Vikings, who dominated the country for 250 years. The Vikings remained in history as courage warriors and left rich heritage perpetuated in legends and numerous Norwegian museums.


5. Top-Class Seafood

Norwegian cuisine is a joy for fish gourmets. After all, local chefs create real miracles with seafood so Norway is one of the best places in the world to savor high-quality fish specialties.

6. Unique Activities

The country provides a wide range of outdoor activities throughout the whole year. In summer, you are welcome to explore picturesque hiking trails or enjoy kayaking and fishing. Winter also gives amazing opportunities to practice skiing and snowboarding or to take part in more exotic activities like husky sledding or crab safaris. What is more, Norway is a perfect location to observe such fairytale phenomena as the Northern Lights.

Fjord Tours

It goes without saying that the list of reasons to visit the magnificent land of Norway can go on and on. So is this magnificent destination on your bucket list too?


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