Best Cities in Norway

Best Cities in Norway

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Norwegian cities are very diverse and can meet all travelers' tastes. While in Norway, visitors get a chance to enjoy everything from tiny cozy towns to bustling metropolises that stand out for their unique local art and culture.


What Norway cities to choose for your Norway vacation?


If you are wondering which city to visit in Norway first, we can suggest starting your Norweigan journey in Oslo. The capital of Norway is a modern urban hub offering amazing opportunities for both sightseeing and entertainment. When it comes to Oslo's most interesting sights, the list is almost endless, but of course, some of the iconic places to visit are The Royal Palace and the Viking Ship Museum. But perhaps of all reasons for visiting Norway the one that unites the majority of travelers is witnessing firsthand the beautiful scenery that opens up in front of you as you stand on top of the fjord. Some of the most known fjords have earned their reputation for the natural landscape that has been in the making for centuries such as Geirangerfjord, Hardangerfjord, Sognefjord, and others. Moreover, you can check how long is train from Oslo to Bergen to find more details about your Norway trip. Thus, you can also extend your Norway trip and find the best way to travel from Oslo to Stockholm.

Here's what you can expect from your time here:

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Quick Norway Facts

  • Location: Northern Europe, Jutland Peninsula
  • Currency: Norwegian Krone (NOK)
  • Member of EU: since 1972
  • Population: 5,391,369 (estimate for 2021)
  • Top cities: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Alesund, Tromso, Stavanger, Lillehammer, Bodo


The second-largest city in Norway is fascinating Bergen boasting picturesque locations on the west coast of the country. It is for sure that the magical surroundings of Bergen will enchant you with its peaceful charm as the city lies near the deepest Norwegian fjord, Sognefjord dominated by majestic mountain peaks that are most beautiful at sunsets and sunrises. Bergen is best described as a large town that is surrounded by mountains and fjords, giving the city its unique charm in a fairytale-like setting. Pay a visit to local seafood stalls, go for a walk around the world famous UNESCO site Bryggen, and learn about the history of the town by going to countless museums themed museums.


To get a deeper insight into Norway's history, you may also want to visit the former capital of the Kingdom, Trondheim. The city holds a special place in the country’s past and is known as a city where new kings receive the reign's blessing. Being founded over 1000 years ago, the city has a rich historic past that is linked to Vikings and the beginning of Norway that we know today. Traveling to Trondheim in winter is the best opportunity you will get at experiencing the most fun in Norway. During winter special attractions open up such as Trondheim Kayak, ski resorts, sleigh riding, fjord hiking, and many others.

Trondheim city

What about Trondheim?
For seekers of knowledge about all things Norway you can find your answers in Trondheim, as it established itself as a leader in innovation and is known as "Norway's Capital of Knowledge".


You may be surprised, but wonderful Tromso is also mentioned among some of the culturally prominant cities in Norway. Being the main hub inside the Arctic Circle, Tromso provides a great opportunity to enjoy the Northern Lights and explore the wild polar nature. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the number of winter activities offered to you and select from dog sledding, visiting Ice Domes, reindeer sledding, northern lights watching, and others. And for all wanderlusters who are in search of a hidden gem to visit, if you are intrigued by alp mountains, then we recommend going to the Lyngen Alps, aka Lyngsalpene, where you can climb a 1833 meter tall Jiekkevarre mountain and enjoy an epic view at the glaciers below.

Tromso city


The tiny village of Flam deserves a separate mention, as it's located on one of the most scenic railroads in the world, Flamsbana Railway, and offers unbelievable views of fjords, waterfalls, and valleys. Being considered the most visited fjord destination in Norway, Flam is a unique city with otherwordly views you cant get anywhere else on Earth. A must-visit for any guest at Flam is the Flåm Rail, which is where you will board one of the most iconic rides you can take on Earth. Before the ride, you board at Aurlandsfjord and are taken through miles of picturesque landscapes to the top of the mountains at Myrdal station. The feeling of being in a place where no man has stepped their foot up in the mountains is truly a mystical feeling that alone makes it worth staying in Flam on your trip to Norway.

Flam city

Flåmsbana Railway
The Flåmsbana Railway adds an entire new dimension to your traveling experience as you climb up from the end of Aurlandsfjord to the Myrdal station during a one hour scenic trip. The distance that you will overcome is 20.2 kilometers and the end station is set 867 meters above sea level, which proposes you to a breathtaking view of the surrounding forests and fjords.


However, if you want to get out of the beaten path, you can expand your Norway itinerary by lovely Alesund with its Art Nouveau architecture and colorful streets as well as Balestrand and Geiranger, both situated in enviable proximity to fjords. Interestingly enough, Alesund places the importance of fishing in high regard, as can be gathered from the municipality's coat of arms, which depicts people on a fishing boat on the water with three swimming fish beneath them. The port town has been using its west coast location to trade and sell seafood for centuries, and to this day it continues to stay an important part of the local culture and history!


There are so many cities you can and absolutely should discover in Norway. However, if your journey is of limited duration, you can't go wrong with choosing to visit some of the visitor's favorite picks - Oslo, Bergen, Alesund, and Flam.