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Norway is an exciting destination, alluring globetrotters from all over the world with its breathtaking nature. But what should be taken into consideration before you go to make your Norway itinerary the one you've been dreaming of? In this section of the Norway travel guide, we share information on what you should know about when planning a trip to Norway.


Norway Trip Planning
One of the Northernmost countries of the world, beautiful Norway definitely has a lot in store to offer. Being recognized as the happiest country in the world, Norway fascinates travelers with its charming postcard-like cities, the surreal scenery of majestic cliffs and snow-capped mountains towering crystal blue fjords and the entrancing Northern Lights.
Depending on the Scandinavian experience you're aiming for, ask yourself one simple question prior to starting to plan your Norwegian getaway: do you want to explore the fjords or are you in for Northern Lights? Provided the first answer, we recommend setting off to Scandinavia in the warmer months of the year, that is starting from May to mid-September. If Northern Lights are what you're craving, then the winter time from November to February is what you need to have in mind. Below, we have put together some handy information about the seasonality of this northern Scandinavian beauty.
Norwegian cities are very diverse and can meet all travelers' tastes. While in Norway, visitors get a chance to enjoy everything from tiny cozy towns to bustling metropolises that stand out for their unique local art and culture.
Apart from lovely cities, Norway boasts lots of inspiring destinations, providing spectacular photo opportunities and chances to get more of wild Norwegian expanses.
Norway is a true paradise for those who can’t imagine their lives without sports and active lifestyle. Are you that kind of person? If yes, you’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised by the scope and scale of the outdoor activities that Norway offers.
It’s pretty obvious that Norway is quite rich in natural attractions and you may wonder what other sights to see during your Norway travel. We want to assure you that apart from the impressive number of nature marvels the country has a lot in store to display and please your eyes with. So what are the other things Norway is proud of?
Those who believe that Norway’s weather and climate are chilly, cold, and frosty all year round are right, but actually only to a certain extent. Yes, the country is located in Scandinavia, has a very long Atlantic coastline, as well as numerous popular travel destinations set above or in proximity to the Arctic Circle, yet Norway weather averages aren’t as cold as one could imagine at first.
Without a doubt, Norway fjords are one of the main reasons why people choose to go to Scandinavia. These unique natural formations are among the country’s symbols and boast incredible extraterrestrial beauty found nowhere else in the world. Basically, this easily answers the “what to see in Norway” question, doesn’t it?