Best Time & Place to See the Northern Lights in Norway


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In this article, we collected some handy information about the best places to see Northern Lights, the time when you can see this ethereal phenomenon in full bloom, and also some extra tips regarding trip planning.

Why are the Norway Northern Lights Worth Seeing?

It goes without saying that you can see beautiful photos, watch videos and listen to fancy stories about Norway Northern Lights as much as you like, but the only way to experience the true magic of this fantastic natural phenomenon is simply to become a real witness.

For people, living in the northern regions of Norway, Aurora Borealis is a part of their daily life. But we bet that it's impossible not to admire the amazing natural light show, illuminating the sky, as it is truly an inspiration for diverse legends and works of art.

Norway Northern Lights

Where Can You See the Northern Lights?

Norway is definitely one of the best countries to see dramatic Northern Lights. Basically, Northern Lights are seen in northern latitudes, above the Arctic Circle. If you have doubts where you can see the Northern Lights in Norway for sure, here's a list of top places in this country, perfect for aurora hunting.

The majority of Northern Lights tours start in the largest arctic hub in Norway, Tromso. Sometimes called "the gates to the Arctic", the city is situated 350 kilometers to the north of the Arctic Circle and provides amazing opportunities for Aurora Borealis seekers.

Tromso even hosts the annual world famous Northern Lights Festival during which you’ll have a chance to enjoy both the supernatural light show and great concerts and performances. Moreover, you can enjoy the Northern lights observing from the seaside and away from the city lights as there are even special Northern lights cruises organized at night time that provide an unforgettable experience.

Other famous Northern Lights locations are Svalbard and Lofoten Islands. These destinations stand out not only as places where the flickering sky lights can be seen, both archipelagos possess unique wild nature with rugged mountains, beautiful glaciers and polar animals like reindeer and foxes.

Norway Northern Lights

Top Places to Catch Northern Lights in Norway:

  • Tromso
  • Kirkenes
  • The Lofoten Islands
  • North Cape
  • Svalbald

When Can the Northern Lights Be Seen?

Interesting to know, that there even exists a special Northern Lights forecast that helps to indicate the relevant, real-time information on Northern Lights observing. But generally, what is the best time for enjoying the dramatic scenery?

It's considered that the Northern Lights season lasts from late September to early April. Of course, to witness the fascinating colors across the Arctic sky, you need to catch a dark clear night and get away from city illuminations to savor the Northern Lights at their brightest.

All in all, the Northern Light trip is a precious experience that is worth the ride and Norway is one of the few countries that can fully satisfy your desire to enjoy this miracle.

Northern Lights in Norway

Good to Know
It's considered that the Northern Lights season lasts from late September to early April.

Norway Northern Lights is something that is definitely worth being experienced at least once in life. Our Northern Lights travel packages are created by professional destination specialists and allow every traveler to see appreciate the beauty of this natural wonder to the fullest.