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Champagne Wine Region, France
The Champagne wine region is the wine region in the northeast of France famous mostly for its eponymous sparkling wines.

It is particularly remarkable, that according to the European Union law as well as the law of many other countries, the term "Champagne" can be used only for the wines coming from this specific region.

One more fun fact about champagne is that during the ruling of Louis XIV, the wine was promoted as a medicine and the King himself would drink it with his every meal for the benefit of his health (as was advised by his doctor!).

However, the region of Champagne France is not only appreciated for its wines but has also rich heritage to be proud of.

For example, the unofficial Champagne's capital, Reims, is famous for the 25 coronations of the French kings that took place at its Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims. Moreover, for the resilience during WWI as well as for the rich wine culture, parts of Champagne and its cellars were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Another valuable thing that makes Champagne a great destination to visit is its proximity to Paris (45 minutes by train).

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