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Why Visit Potsdam in Germany

Beautiful Potsdam is a city of elegant UNESCO palaces and parks in the Baroque and Rococo styles. The former Prussian royal seat is set on the banks of the Haver River, 25 km (15 miles) from central Berlin and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world annually.

Being the largest city of the German federal state of Brandenburg, Potsdam is known worldwide for the pomp and splendor of its architecture. All in all, about 150 objects of cultural and historical importance in Potsdam are inscribed in the list of Unesco World Heritage.

Potsdam Tourist Attractions

The most famous landmark and the symbol of Potsdam is the Palace of Sanssouci (Schloss Sanssouci). Considered a unique example of European court architecture of the 18th century, the complex served as the summer residence of Frederick the Great and is often referred to as the “Prussian Versailles”. The calling card of iconic Sanssouci is its beautiful vineyard terraces, now representing an unusual landscape park.

Apart from gorgeous Sanssouci, Potsdam boasts the following palaces worth visiting: the New Palace, Cecilienhof, the Charlottenhof Palace, the Orangery Palace, as well as the Marmorpalais (Marble Palace).

While exploring Potsdam, you should stop by the New Market, a well-preserved baroque square, as well as the Old Market, which forms the historical center of the city.

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